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Deed settings: Add taming, separate Leading and picking up

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I would like to suggest the following changes to deed settings:


1. Allow a tick box in Manage Role settings for allowing people to tame animals on deed.  Allows for the non citizen person to tame horses and swop your horse shoes and saddles if need be.

2. Please separate the section where the "lead animals" and "pick up things" are in the one section.  Make it two sections, one for leading animals on deed, another for picking up stuff on deed.


And just some wishful thinking:  Is it at all possible to allow individual players to get certain roles rather than their whole village?  Please?



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I would like to be able to add a friend by name just like you do to a mine door. It would be fine to have these names hardcoded onto the villager settings for me. I have allies and I have close friends but the two are not always mutually inclusive.


EDIT: Can't seem to spell...

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