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In need of a farm hand

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As title states, I am in need of a farm hand, preferably someone with access to a boat and interested in gaining farming skill. 

Sow roughly 1k tiles every 5-7 days, Tend once (or more if you want skill)
Be able to deliver goods, manage sales

A boat may be required

Located on Independence


I can provide A sizable farm field, Good quality Meals, and a place to build a temporary or permanent residence. Tools/ Weapons/ Shields/ Armour improvements and enchants could also be provided as payment. 

What I am hoping for how ever is a person who would be interested in taking a Share of the crop (Mainly wemp and cotton, 90+ql) as payment, and I would be willing to work out a very fair split. You would handle all deliveries, (I can help if sales if needed)


Please PM me with a bit of info if interested, and we can Chat from there.


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