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Independence based building team

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Hey guys, a friend and I are looking for anyone needed a building planned and constructed on the Independence server. We are two carpenters, one of us also with masonry skill ( 60 ) and will be able to plan and construct buildings charged on a per-action basis. We are able to supply our own materials if required at additional costs.


We provide:


Construction of stone and wooden structures

Construction of fencing

Construction of containers and misc items

Instant quote


Our costs of labor for structures are 10 iron per action, a wall costing in total 2 copper ( 20 actions ) and a roof costing 1 copper ( 10 actions ). All additional constructions are charged this way ( Fences, gates, barrels )


Resources that we supply are charged as following per unit:

Quality will vary.

Clay: 10 iron

Clay Bricks (Pottery bricks): 20 iron

Mortar: 30 iron

Plank: 10 iron

Ribbon: 1 copper

Pottery Shingles: 20 iron

Wood Shingles: 15 iron

Large Nails: 15 iron

Small Nails: 10 iron

Stone Brick: 20 iron

Thatching: 10 iron

Wire: 20 iron

Dirt: 10 iron

If you are able to supply materials, only labor will be charged.


Terra-forming is charged on a per-action basis.

Each action will  cost 10 iron.

Dug dirt will be the clients property.


Clear-cutting is charged at 10 iron per tree irrespective of tree age

Stump removal is charged at 10 iron per stump

If the trees are required to be cut into logs, it is charged on a per action basis of 5 iron an action.

The resources from the trees are left to the client.


All payments will require a 50% payment upfront and 50% upon completion of the job.

We are open to barter on charges.


Some exclusions to the aforementioned prices occur and some objects are not supplied, these including:

Large crate - Not available 


If you wish to contact us, please leave a response in this forum or PM Angharrad or Rossumond in game for details.

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Good luck


Good thing your open to barters.

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Thanks very much, hopefully someone comes along and orders... =P

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Wish you all the best in with the business :)

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