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Please change BSB, Crate, FSB behaviour

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... when moving items to ask for quantity when SHIFT is down and when SHIFT is not down it will take as much as you can carry or if possible an option where you can specify the default amount, with one of the options being as much as you can carry. This to be applied to all bulk containers.

Thank you.

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It should be exactly like taking items from a normal container with shift dragging option enabled.


-- Shift UP means take as many items as a toon can carry. This is limited by a toon's max carry weight, 100 item count of container you dragging items into, 

or a containers internal volume.


-- Shift DOWN means show the drag quantity selection box where I can type in a number. There is an option in the settings to configure the default shift-drag quantity. I"d like to see that default selection mechanic moved to the shift-drag box.


-- Totally get rid of that dumb radial selection box that pops up for bulk bins.


-- Lets us move large quantities from bulk bin to bulk bin in one move action. For example, move from a bulk storage bin to a Large create 300 rock shards in one drag action if shift is up. If shift is down you can select how many rock shards to move into the Large crate.


-- Give us a portable bulk bin for small things. I still think it was a mistake to use item count limits for crates. We could use a container that can move 1000 of smaller items which I would define as anything equal too or less then 1 unit volume (iron lump and smaller).


-- Let use deposit more then 100 items into a bulk bin again.. BUT! put it on a variable length timer and stretch out the deposit action over time, a time which varies based on how many items are being deposited. I understand the problems with people trying to deposit thousands of items instantaneously. Although, that act can be done in one drag from the user and then slowly automate the tedious part of doing it little by little stretched over time.

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Personally I like how it is now much more than having to hold down the shift key.


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