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Custom in-game playlist

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Access to the Music Files

Greetings, I would like to suggest a feature that allows every player to have access to the music files of their client and be able to choose what music plays while they are in-game.


This would provide some relief to the players such as myself who have to switch screens to select a new youtube video or something of the sort. And even though there are things you can use such as Pandora it might even be less taxing on your computer just to have the music play through your client.


Side Features

Alongside the play-list suggestion perhaps we could have access to an in-game widget that allows us to loop the same song, randomize the music picks, or even pause, fast forward, and rewind our music. In addition we might be able to customize it in the same way we do with our HUD (import background images for this widget, or change its border colors, etc..)


Thank you for reading this suggestion, feel free to leave comments below on what you think of the idea. All forms of feedback are happily accepted, and alongside your feedback I would appreciate it if you stated your reasoning behind your opinion.

~ Kazin



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I think there are many good downloadable thingies u can use for this and they dont lag computer at all.

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