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Returning Player looking for home

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Hello all,


I've been back and forth between Wurm 2 times now.  I enjoy the game alot, but both times have tried to be a solo player and found the game fun but some things ended up being tedious.  I have been feeling the Wurm itch again and would like to try to do things differently this time.  I am looking for an active village to be a part of.  I have a jack of some trades account with some skill in Animal Husbandry, Farming, and Carpentry, and also an account with the first Blacksmith and almost mining title.  I enjoy playing both (and honestly if I feel that I am enjoying myself alot again I will premium both), but I would like to join a village where those skills are needed.


So I'm looking for a village that is :

Active and friendly

Could use someone with a few skills under way.

Is starting out, or rebuilding themselves or has room to grow.

Will allow me to create a reasonable size house to call my own

Has a Deed on which to build 


What I am willing to give to said village:

Creating / building / doing something for the benefit of all village members

Once I see that the village is a good fit for me I will donate silver to upkeep or if we are marketing our wares donate a good percentage of the proceeds of anything I can make to upkeep

A friendly fun personality


Sorry this is very long winded, but while I want to get back in the game, I feel like finding the right village for me would be crucial to enjoying myself and hopefully I can also bring something to a a village

I play primarily 7-10 or 11 EST during the week and some time during weekends.


Thanks for your consideration


PS - please PM me in forums if you think I am a good fit for your village .

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