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RARE two handed sword, with high enchants

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Hello friends of huge blades and magical claymores!


Great news from the Independence island!

Up for auction is Frostbringer, an awesome


rare two handed iron sword, Quality 84.9, enchanted with

Frostbrand 97, Nimbleness 78Circle of Cunning 80


Demise of choice to be added.







But quickly, to the  auctioning facts:


Starting Bid: 10s

Minimum Increase: 1s

Buyout: 30s


No reserve, no private bids, no sniper protection.




Pickup location is Llamedos or Bearshark Harbour if you come by boat, both located at (27x/44y) on Independence.

Delivery anywhere can be negotiated with the winner.



For more high quality weapons, armours and tools, visit


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