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Kyle's Smithing and Mining

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                   I sell mostly Chain Armor and Shields but I also offer these other services.

I am based in the southwest of Inde but will also deliver to Deli. PM KyleBooze on the forums or /t Kylebooze ingame.


                                                     -Iron Chain-

                                                       70ql - 1s

                                                       80ql - 2s

                                                       90ql - 5s


                            (other chain types upon special request)



                                                      50ql - 10c

                                                      60ql - 15c

                                                      70ql - 25c

                                                      80ql - 50c

                                                      90ql - 1s


                                                     Bulk items:

                                                Nails - 10c per 100

                                           Ribbons - 30c per 100


                                            -Shield smithing-

                                                   70ql - 30c

                                                   80ql - 50c

                                                   90ql - 1s


                                          -Jewelry Smithing- Silver ONLY unless gold is provided

                                   (I do not do bulk items for sacrificing)

                                                   50ql - 10c

                                                   60ql - 30c

                                                   70ql - 50c



                                          (Prices are per 100 ores)

                            Iron                Silver               Copper                   Zinc


                    70ql - 50c               50c                     50c                         50c                    

                    80ql - 75c               1s                       75c                         75c

                    90ql - 1s                 N/A                     1s                            1s


                                        -Masonry Improving-

                                       anything below 80ql - 50c

                                             up to 80ql - 75c




                      Located on the North Side of Freedom Market





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