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Selling Rares Supremes Opal Staff and Sleep Powders

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SOLD Sleep powders 10 for 1.5s apiece or all for 14s


Rare Dredge Ql 66 for 7s


Rare File Ql 90 for 7s


Rare Needle Ql 90 for 7s


Supreme Scissors Ql 90 for 35s


Black Opal Staff Ql 32 for 10s


SOLD Rare Large Maul Ql 60 Flaming Aura 15 for 8s


SOLD Rare Small Anvil Ql 90 for 6s


SOLD Rare Hammer Ql 90 for 10s


Sold Rare fine fishing rod ql89 5s

Sold Rare fine fishing rod ql61 4s


SOLD Rare Scythe ql60 6s


The items are located on Celebration server, In the Tap Dance Public Market on Leicester Merchant. COD by mail is also possible.

Delivery to Freedom Isles Ports can be arranged.


PM Eyerobot ingame

Thank You


Items sell at a first come first serve basis. Thanks for buying.

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