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Gurrington - Currently not accepting

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As the title says, Gurrington is currently looking for more villagers to join our lovely deed. 

We are located at X20Y18, right on the coast at The Salsa Strait.


We have 3 houses/areas that's open for villagers. Closed for now, untill after Xanadu has hit us.


(We currently don't have any woodworkers, so we'd really love to get a Shipbuilder/carpenter, but not a dealbreaker if you're not)



What we are looking for:

Players that...

..has some experience in game. You have some idea of what to do, and what you want to do ingame. active. You're logging in at least several times during a week to play. mature. We expect people to respect other players. We don't need dramaqueens and trolls. :D premium. 


What we can offer:

A place that... very friendly and where we help eachothers if possible.

..has almost anything you could need to work on your skills.

..has a nice alliance and network of people to draw on for help/advice. located on the water with fast access to the rest of the server for easy trading/travelling.

..has a mine with iron and zinc, and with the other metals in the near vicinity.

..has a nice cave harbour that fits ships up to knarrs in depth.

..has a community crafting house with loom (70ql) and forges (75ql), and altars for all the gods. (Vyn domain on top, and Mag domain in the mine)

..has a community farming area where you can get your own plot to farm.

..has a large horse breeding program, which can be used to grind AH on.

..has a locked area for shipbuilding.

..has a small market area where you're free to place 1 or more merchants.

.... and many other things.


You'll be able to select one of the prebuilt houses with attached yard, where you can do whatever you want in terms of decorating/planting. See pics below.


Album with some screenshots from the deed:


If you think you could fit in here, just want to ask questions or get a tour, feel free to contact Guruen in game or via PM or just reply to this thread.

Edited by Guruen
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I am a neighbor of Gurrington and as much as I will shake my fist and point my catapult at any loud parties on that deed, I must recommend this place to all those who want a great home. The owners are very friendly and helpful, the area is beautiful and the deed is quite active. The homes that Guruen speaks about are really quite something! You have to see them. You don't get this much room on most deeds. This is a great place for that new or intermediate player who wants to concentrate heavily on game and progression but would like a complete house and a garden to move into.


Highly recommended.

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I neighbor the other side and I can vouch for what Valdor has said. Excellent deed, good people, lots going on. There are a number of events that are being set up by the looks of it as well which would be interesting for any and all.


Best of luck to you Guruen!   \o/

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*shameless selfbump* Still 2 slots available. Here's your chance to join a group of very awesome people! :D

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*Bump* 1 spot left. We'd really love to get a shipbuilder/carpenter here :D So if you're into crafting boats and other wooden objects and looking for an awesome place to live, join us! :D

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We're currently not taking in new villagers, because some of us is considering moving to xanadu. 

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