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The Wurm Academy Looking for a Teacher/Scholar.

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Looking for a player/s who wants a place to live and love helping others.

The Wurm Academy on Pristine needs 1-3 folks who like helping out.

Need folks to answer questions. Invite to deed and in general just have fun.


While the Wurm Academy gets new recruits weekly most of these are folks who are just staying for a few days to a few weeks while they figure out the game and where they want to be/what they want to do in game. What I need is someone who wants to stay and help out. We have housing available and small dedicated farm plots. Access to a mine. Any other needs send me a tell and we can talk about it.

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Was looking this over again today.


Amazing to see the pictures of Pristine when it was brand new!

Have housing for 6 villagers. If anyone on Pristine needs a home.


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