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Novastrov a well Established Deed is Recruiting

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Settlement Name: Novastrov

Alliance: Black Market Trading

Location: X38, Y37

Deed Size: 73 x 27


I am looking for to build a team to “Take Over The World WURM!!!!!â€, mwahaahaahaa



bigsteve on Forums

bigsteve or bigsteveusa ingame.


Will to come and collect you from Sloping Sands...




Water front Workhouse/Shipyard:   3D Planner File of Workhouse/Shipyard (Elevation is not included)

Cooking Station (4 Forges, 1 Oven)

Smithing Station (2 Forges)

Shipwright Area.

Makeshift Leather Station

Tailoring Station with Rare Loom.

Large Dormitory.



Very Small and Medium on deed Farm areas.

Large Off deed Farm, vacated by a friend, Can be deeded over by you have the Silver or Walled off for security. Currently Fallow as no time to use.



Medium Size Stable.

Foal Maturing Area/Pens.

A Small Hell Horse Enclosure.


The Castle:   3D Planner File of Castle/Stables (Elevation is not included)

A 5 Building Castle Currently underutilized.

This will be your home, u will get to use a building to do what you like in.


The Mine:

Has Copper, Iron, Sliver, Zinc of various qualities.

We have Access to Tin/Lead off deed.



Many Bulk Storage Bins.

New Members will get a set of tools for their usage, a set of Armor relative to the Skill level and a weapon.


Guard Tower:

Rare Guard Tower at Eastern Edge of deed on highway. (5 Guards)



Until you can be trusted you will have minimal access to Novastrov assets.

On proving your loyalty more access will be granted…


About me:

At the moment there is just me, with 2 Characters.

My main (bigsteve) is focused on Ship Building/Woodcutting/Ropemaking and dabbles in Chain Smithing &  Breeding.

My alt (bigsteveusa) is focused on Leatherworking/Shield Smithing/Jewelry Smithing & Farming

Another alt (Scarletmaltais) will be my Vyn Priest/Farmer/Breeder.


I would prefer US TZ players...


I am Looking for a Player how want to:







All are welcome.



Our Clan runs a Teamspeak server and I would prefer that villagers be on there when they are playing.

Edited by bigsteve

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A new villager, wonder how long he will last

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Free rebump!


I wouldn't get discouraged with retention rates. From watching other villages, I'd say 10 new villagers per every one who stays beyond 1 month is perfectly normal. And 3 of the ten will be varying pains in the neck between minor to severe.


Keep at it :)

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As Seven said, its normal to have over half leave within the first month, thats just wurm attrition rate. Keep recruiting, you'll get there =D

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