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To the person who "borrowed" my tools

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Hi there,


Hope you are enjoying your set of high quality, enchanted tools that you took from me sometime last Friday.


I had just returned from Impalong, dumped my tools into a chest so that I could sort them later. 5 hours later they were gone.


Unfortunately, my deed was set so that people could pick things up. I had opened it earlier and forgot to set it back before I logged out of the game. So technically, you were allowed to take these from my deed. However, as it says in the Code of Conduct: "just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should."


I hope that you were just exploring the area and thought the deed was disbanded since you were able to pick the tools up, but it is not disbanded and those tools took a lot of time and work.


I will be out of town for the next few days and I have parked a small cart close to the place where you picked up the tools. Feel free to stop by Fallen Star Cove (on the big NE island) and drop the tools into the cart. I am the only active person on the deed so nobody will know who you are (other than the GM who answered my support ticket and told me that the tools were taken by someone and that they couldn't give me your name).


You can't be forced to return these tools, but I'm in a good mood today and am just hoping you will do the right thing.




P.S.  Don't get any ideas just because I won't be around. The deed is locked down tighter than....whatever things are locked down really tight.

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@Lorena -- tempting, but I like Release :)


@Aum -- oh, yes. But at least my tailoring tools were in my house so I can still work at my trade.

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