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[Close it]Calmtown is recruiting

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Hello everyone. I'm Martynas.


If there are any questions just post them here.


Calmtown (Calmwood in this map down) is located at 19,5x 33y

Not far from Green Dog, just go south by highway.



I'm looking for mature players for this settlement. Preferable experienced


Free spots ? 8 vacant houses 3x2 size, 2nd floor possible.


Village rules:


No stealing/cheating/griefing/swearing

Only English in village/alliance chats.

Never mine cave floor, unless you're allowed.

Replant trees which you cut(Especially off deed).

Do not mine cave floors.

Do not kill animals.

Be active. Just logging in and no progress doesn't count.

( Will keep your more valueble stuff in case you come back only for a month or two)


What town has?

Alliance house ( merchant is by it)




Mason's and potter's


Mine ( has iron, )

Collosus being built.

Guard tower

Pen for horses, currently enchanting grass.


What i can do here?

Enjoy the game

Help allies with various projects ( mostly there will be one or more)

Grind skills

Sell goods, gain coins and buy premium


What I can get?

A fine place to stay


Other various stuff depending on your needs



Alliance? What alliance??? :blink: 

Plenty of deeds with mature players.

Do not bother allies with sales. ( We're not interested unless we say so).

Will post here links or info if any ally is recruiting.



Some screenshots:

All of them

Animal pen

Mason's and potter's


My house, there are free stuff on left


Smithy, needs some work to finish


Mine entrance

Token, just past carpenter's. Up there is gate and unfinished collosus further

Town entrance. Gatehouse in front, alliance house and merchant on right.

Alliance house and merchant


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K, I'll finish the Trial and I'll be right there ^^

Btw, are you allies with Draken Hollows?

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I think this city will be suitable for me.

This looks like a wonderful town and i would love to join.

Can you kindly inform me when i can meet with you?

Waiting for a response... 

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Internet was down for me yesterday. Pm me anytime now, not usually playing after 00AM gmt +2

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Hey marty,ill be joinin back up so dont remove me,i will also be bringin some friends.

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