[Please lock, deed disbanded] Ravenholm [MR-Chaos]

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Ravenholm is a large, established town on the Chaos server. We're always looking for new villagers to come and join us in our spacious and friendly part of the Wurm universe.


About Ravenholm:

Ravenholm was founded in March 2013, and has since blossomed into one of the largest, most friendly and most active PvP villages that you'll find anywhere in Wurm. The town is a member of a player made kingdom called the Empire of Mol-Rehan.
Located in the west of the server, Ravenholm is far enough from the frontlines for life here to be comfortable and carefree, but still close enough that it's easy for us to go out and PvP when we want to. The MR Homelands are vast and expansive, offering us almost unlimited resources and hunting grounds.

On a whole for us, Chaos and PvP offers an interesting side to the game that you can't experience on Freedom. People tend to play in larger groups here and stick together much more - and so you'll soon find yourself a part of the MR family, playing the game with more other people than you thought possible!

If you're looking for more information about the server, then I'd strongly recommend checking out this guide.
But What About Shiny Things?

Between our many highly skilled players, we're able to offer a huge range of items to villagers, ranging from 90+ql weapons, casts, platesets, tools, bows... you name it, and there's probably someone here with over 90 skill in what you want! And best of all, we all share here, and so we'll happily make your wildest equipment dreams come true in exchange for a small favour (like dirt, bricks, or sacrifice materials for a priest.)

As for housing, we offer very large plots to newcomers, even by PvE standards. Upon arrival, you'll have 35 deed tiles (7x5 of space) to do with as you please. After all, you're going to need a mansion to keep your new plateset in!

Sounds Great! Where Do I Sign Up?

You should make an application on our kingdom's forums. The 'access password' is MolRehanRecruit.

Feel free to contact any of the below if you have any questions!

Docterchese (forum & ingame) - Recruitment & Elder
Balmore (forum) / Reincarnation (ingame) - Mayor of Ravenholm
armyskin (forum & ingame) - Co-Mayor of Ravenholm
revengo (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm
Tulemees (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm
Wulfgarr (forum) / Wulfgar (ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm








Maybe we'll be seeing you soon!

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Absolutely lovely bunch of guys and a great village. I would highly recommend this village to anyone from freedom who wants to participate in PvP on occations, yet still wants to try out chaos In a safe, friendly and crafting environment.

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Bump for Ravenholm - the best place in Wurm if you wanna come and try PvP, without going to Epic and suffering a skill reset while still being in a calm and extremely friendly environment. :)

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As a bonus, the next 10 recruits will receive a starter package, containing the following:

-full 50 QL plate set*

-40 QL weapon of choice

-50 QL bow of choice

-50 QL pickaxe, shovel, hammer and whetstone




Only 6 of these remaining, join now. :)

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It's a great place with great people  B)



Thank you. :)


This brave guy did not only risk the adventure of Chaos, but he already took part in his first raid on our enemies!

However, Ravenholm is not a hostile place at all.

We welcome almost every Newcomer and this week we've a special event: Flink is baking cake for everyone in town.

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im never gonna get anything done with all this cake to eat lol

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