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Today I saw that they will be adding sheep in this game ( so I got to thinking and this is what I thought

Shear Blades = Iron (Made like scissor blades which weigh .30kg on the small anvil)

Shear = 2x Shear blades and 2x Handles

Now that you have this tool and ofcourse a sheep you will shear the sheep like you would milk a cow. But before you can shear the sheep you must clean them with a grooming brush. Aftet you shear the sheep you will get raw wool which you will have to process in a loom or a spinning wheel. Now that you have this wool that has been procced you can use it in making clothes or even sheet for the bed (So you dont have to use furs). You will have to use needles on the wool to make these so it would look like this.

Wool 2.00kg - Needle > Clothes > Wool Pants

When you make things out a wool you will get some skillgain in Knitting and when you spin the wool you will get some skillgain in Spinning each making it faster and better the next time you use it.

Thats all I have for today, thank you for your time and I bid you farewell :)

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