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Premium Payment Problems

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Most of the time, the financial transactions when purchasing premium options from the Steam shop or the Wurm Online Shop are immediate, though on rare occasions there can be some slight delays with Paypal, Xsolla, or Steam Wallet.


If via Steam, always make sure you are logged into the intended avatar via the Steam version of the Wurm Online client when making purchases.

If via Wurm Online shop, always make sure you are logged in with the intended avatar credentials before making a purchase.


If you have a problem when making purchases from the Steam Shop or the Wurm Online Shop, first check that you have received a payment processor confirmation receipt via e-mail.

The most common issues with Steam shop purchasing is not adding money to your Steam Wallet before attempting to make purchases, or adding money to your Steam wallet and failing to finish the transaction in game via the Steam shop overlay.


If you have received the confirmation receipt then wait up to 24 hours for any possible delays in the payment processor - Wurm Online communications to clear.  If after 24 hours have passed and your purchase has not been received, then please send an email to

Include the following:
A/ payment processors transaction number from the receipt email, or a copy of the email receipt
C/ A brief description stating what you purchased and on which avatar you made the purchase on.


Allow up to 48 hours for response during weekdays.  If no response or completion of transaction contact /support in game and alert the GM team that you have a standing payment issue already submitted to



If you have not received a confirmation receipt by email, check your payment processor account for any standing issues that you may need to resolve.




Thank you,

Wurm Online Team

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Updated to reflect current payment processor information.


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