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Battering Rams

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How about adding dem battering rams, would be interesting to see stuff other than catas,


have like 1 log, 5 rope, 7 shafts, etc. to make and have a new skill under war weapons or what ever its called.

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interesting idea. i would say that you need at least 4 people to operate it

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Catapults were even operated using multiple people... I guess for the sake of wurm it's been dumbed down.  Battering rams were operated by 10+ people due to sheer weight, I think as many as 20 were usually required.


I'd like the following:

- Small Catapult (already in)

- Trebuchet (or large catapult)

- Ballista (Fired huge arrow/harpoon at people, walls, SHIPS, ripping into them and if/when pulled back via crank caused massive dmg)

- Mangonel

- Onager

- Battering Ram ofc

- Basic mortar cannon, they were around as early as the 14th century (this being 1300 - 1399 range), we have peat, charcoal, find a way to add sulfur and we're good... we have caves, add it as a minable source just as flint etc is done.  Cannon balls were not sophisticated, and not very large.. most were 2-3 pound balls or even just chiseled stone...  let us chisel the shot or hell, we can already make <metal> balls from jewelry smithing.. look extra use from a ONE use item!

- Boiling tar (toss it via throw, causes burn wounds that worsen without treatment or bandaging, another use for a not-well-used skill, also useful for fending off attackers at the bottom of walls!)


Sieges as of now are boring, requires 1 siege engineer, and 1 alt to sit on walls to repair dmg... everyone else can sit back and drink a beer til the wall is down... it's silly.


Spice it up!


Naval Combat:


- Ballista (obviously shipmaking to make, lesser parts could be already existing parts using carp or fine carp, it's an optional attachment to Corbitas or larger.  One per ship.  Attached on the bow, perhaps caravel has one on stern?  Fires a missle projectile, aka giant wood spear, causing dmg to ship or people, depending how the massses would want it.  Obviously freedomers won't want their 43243599084594324 ships damaged.)


- Harpoon (Again, same as above for creation and again optional.  One per ship regardless.  Idea is to fire and penetrate opposing ship, pulling it in for melee combat. Causes light dmg to ship or people on board.)



There's quite a few ideas that could be done... I am very hesitant to introduce much gunpowder into wurm.  I feel it has it's place in wurm, but not heavily... restricted to very basic and crude siege weaponry... the age wurm is in just is not that advanced.

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