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Silgus Is Recruiting And Looking For You! [Recruitment Stopped For Now]

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Welcome to Silgus!


After living here for about 2 years, i decided that it's time to make a change. A change with new people, new stories, new friends. So if you're looking for a place to settle down .. hook me up!

Where is Silgus?
Silgus is very close to Esert (just a few minutes) and very close to the sea where a friendly deed with harbour is. We are part of a big alliance called Freedom and Cheese so you got a lot of deeds and nice players around.

Here is a part of the map to show the deed position (The yellow deed names are part of the alliance):


What does Silgus offer?
Silgus is a decent large deed with a size of 45x65 wich is (almost) entirly flat. That means no terraforming work is required.
We got a mine ondeed where you can find rock, iron (up to ql 90) and copper. Hopefully we will find some more ressources :)
Very close to the sea, so travelling by ship is no problem.
You will have access to the farmhouse where you can find bulk ressources like cotton, whemp or food ingredients. (Fair use of course :) )
52ql meals will be cooked daily and can be found in the oven at the farm house
You can farm our fields to gain skill.
We don't have a spirit templar, but a guard tower ondeed. So you might find some creatures ondeed but you can always call out for help, if needed.

What Silgus expects of you
You are very friendly and very tolerant
You are willing to use the wurmwiki
If you're building a house, i will need the writ of it
You're planning to play wurm for a longer time
You already have played wurm for some time to know at least the basics
Love playing wurm :-)

For a few impressions of Silgus check out the following link with some pictures (some are older, some are newer), including a Rite of Spring event we hosted earlier this year:

Currently we are looking for like 5-6 playeres.

Free Spots 0 / 6

Joining the village
If you'd like to join Silgus, just post here, send me a pm or hook me up ingame name: Syleth

Edited by Syleth

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Silgus welcomes it's newset villagers Baccanator and Mypoppy!


Hope you'll enjoy your stay :)

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For now all free spots are taken :-)


I want to to get to know each other first before offering new recruitments :)

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