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Druid Seeking Apprentice

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Hey there, I am not really recruiting for a village, more looking for someone who shares a similar interest.

My home is a small cottage on a small deed, 2x1 and very cosy.  The locals are very friendly, we often help and trade with one another, my deed provides the local revive point. 

I tend a small forest named the red woods, a forest entirely populated by maples and bushes (mostly maples).  Over time this forest has grown and grown, replacing the other trees in the area (though there are small groves of other tree types).  It is my hope to expand it further bit by bit, alas though...  Tending all those trees?  It can net over 200 maple saplings per day and is soon going to be a task beyond my ability alone.  Thus I am seeking an apprentice, to help me tend and extend the forest.  In return?  I can offer a place to live (a small 2x1 cottage on the deed) and all the maple syrup you can keep down.  The forest provides food regularly (mostly stews and casseroles I will admit, forage runs yield a fair amount of food).

This is for those who just love making forests and beautiful locations, not someone looking to turn a quick buck (though if they want to sell maple saplings they are welcome to XD) and (more importantly) for someone casual (I spend an 1-2 hours making a sapling run daily, it's relaxing and pretty calming).

Contact me ingame (Etherdrifter) if this kind of life appeals.

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