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Text Is Suddenly Hard To Read.

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[09:36:28] <System> This is the Community Assistance window. Just type your questions here. To stop receiving these messages, type /ca.
[09:52:48] <Kamikazifly> my text is all wavy today. It seems to wiggle. How can i fix?
[09:53:42] <Kinzay> I know that, doesn't it have something to do with resolution?
[09:57:15] <Herix> font antialiasing looks strange on my card
[10:10:58] <Kamikazifly> my font looks strange, but yesterday it did not look strange. (I made no changes.)
[10:11:59] <Herix> suggest you post a screenshot on client bugs
[10:13:48] <Kamikazifly> good suggestion. i will do.
[10:20:58] <Kamikazifly> just a heads-up before i post on client bugs... this is a system screen shot
[10:25:34] <Herix> hard to see looks like the picture has been reduced in resolution when uploaded
[10:27:24] <Felinas> you have to click view raw image, down in the bottom left corner, I have seen that before but not sre how i fixed it


System Screen shot shows what i see while playing:

Read visual -->


In game screen shot does not show what I see.

In-game screen shot -->


This was not an issue yesterday.

Years ago I did change my font resolution to be smaller, so I can read more and faster.

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My guess is you have FXAA enabled in the driver, it makes text look like that.

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ok. that makes sense. since i created a new profile for my video card while trying to play magicka yesterday.

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