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Vulcan Carpentry

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Well, its time to fire up the old carpentry shop. Now located right next to Puzzle Plaza Market, 2 minutes from Green Dog. All prices are excluding CoD.

All tools are oak unless requested otherwise.


Fine carpentry tools:


70QL         30c

80QL         50c

85QL         80c

90QL       1s 50c

91QL        1s 80c


Carpentry tools:


70QL        30c

80QL        50c

85QL        80c

90QL        1s 50c

91QL        1s 80c




91 QL        50c


Bows (Willow):


50QL     20c

60QL     30c

70QL     40c

75QL     50c



90QL      8c

91QL    10c

92QL    coming soon


Special requests:    forum PM


Have a nice day!

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