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[Cele] Vanaheimr Recruiting

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Current open slots: 0


Location: X37Y40 on this map;


So I've decided to turn a part of my deed into an area for villagers. 

I'd prefer Premium players or at least you're going premium in the near future.

Also as i'm doing this to get a bit more life on my deed and i'm EU based, I'll only consider EU players, or at least players that play on the same times as i do (usually from CET 4pm->)


You'll get a lot that is yours to do with what you want, well almost.*  ;)

We do need a few groundrules.

First off; I'll be holding writs to any buildings you build. (In case you go MIA i need to be able to knock down the building)

Secondly; I'll enforce a 2 floor height limit plus roof. (don't want any eyesore towers spoiling the nice look of the deed)

Thirdly; Respect your fellow villagers and their belongings, and be friendly.

And yes that's all there is to it. :D


What can I offer?

You will...

..have complete freedom to do whatever you want. No expectations of paying rent or having to build huge projects. You're ofc more than welcome to do/help with these things.

..get a fenced off private area to do whatever you like.

..have access to a mine with iron/tin and loads of rockshards to be mined

..get the opportunity to work with just about anything you can imagine. (Huge farming area is possible offdeed) a part of a very friendly deed and alliance. on a coastal deed with great hunting around the deed.

..have a safe haven to live at, with both templar and guardtower on deed.

..get a free 5 speed horse if/when you have the skill to ride it.


If this sounds interesting, please feel free to contact me here or ingame (Guruen) for further questions/details and/or a tour of the deed.


I've just cleared the area, so not all the fences around the lots have been finished yet.




*Due to the nature of this setup, you can expect to have to clean up a bit after previous tenants. (some things might be reusable and save you build time)


Overview of the villager area:





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in your screen shot, what are those pillars 0.0


thank you :)

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Such a lovely looking layout.  Guru is also one of the nicest and most trustworthy players I've encountered.  I consider myself fortunate to align themselves with the likes of Guru!

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Please lock this thread. I moved to a new deed and will be selling this deed. :)

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