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[Sold] Several 5-Speed Horses For Sale On Indy

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The following 5-speed-horses are for sale.


Males each for 45c, females for 65c. 

If you take male+female: 1s


Location is Hillside Refuge, south of Inner Sea at 29x,45y.

Normally no delivery, but can be negotiated.


All have the traits "fleeter movement", "strong body", "lightning movement", "carry more" and "strong legs" and no negative traits.

Name (color, age, father, mother)




Beneast (grey, young foal, Tearcall, Queenwarrior)

Rainhard (grey, young foal, Earseast, Pieeast)

Wildrun (white, young foal, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia)

Eastrock (black, young foal, Tearwild, Swiftheart)

Rockrun (black, young foal, Bennypick, Jollycall)

Jackrain (white, adolescent foal, Mackblood, Chaserflesh)

Lightningrags (white, adolescent foal, Minschunting, Happypearl)

Raffleraid (white, adolescent foal, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia)

Baxterdream (black, young, Minschunting, Ragepick)





Saragold (black, young foal, Kalilpick, Ragepick)

Starklily (white, young foal, Mackblood, Chaserflesh)

Ebenrock (grey, adolescent foal, Earseast, Pieeast)

Pottear (black, adolescent foal, Lightningkiss, Yoanadance)

Strongkia (brown, adolescent foal, Ebennorth, Unityfast)

Kalypsoecker (white, young, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia)


PM Liari or post here.


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