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One Stop Shield Shop

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Camobeast's Shield Store


When ordering just send me a private message on the forum with the Characters name that you want it mailed to as the Subject for example, "Camobeast - Shield Order" feel free to pm me in-game if i am online too!


Metal Shields will be made out of iron unless you supply the steel!


Large Metal shield

Supreme large metal shield's (while stocks last!) add 40 silver, must arrange for delivery, Will not deliver to chaos or you can pickup from Deliverence : Hill Of Swedes B)


Rare large metal shield's (while stocks last!) add 7 silver will COD




70Q : 50 copper

80Q : 1.2 silver

90Q : 2 silver


Medium Metal Shield



70Q : 50 copper

80Q : 1.1 silver

90Q : 1.90 silver


Small Metal Shield



70Q : 50 copper

80Q : 1 silver

90Q : 1.80 silver


Wooden shields, can be made out any wood type, buyers choice!


Large Wooden Shield


60Q :50 Copper

70Q : 80 Copper

80Q :  1.5 silver


Medium Wooden Shield


60Q : 50 copper

70Q : 75 copper

80Q : 1.4 silver


Small Wooden Shield


60Q : 50 copper

70Q : 70 copper

80Q : 1.3 silver


You will notice that wooden shields cost more this is because it is harder for me to make them, Once i get a decent supply of high quality wood and better carpentry tools will add 90Q wooden shields.


 All items will be mailed COD unless you want to arrange for pickup at Deliverence near HOS, Hill Of Swedes


Prices will be adjusted depending on demand.


Feel free to contact me with any queries! please note i have a job so may not reply straight away but will do my best to get back to you at my earliest convenience :)


If you have some constructive feedback and or personal opinions feel free to send me a message, Also try and keep this thread clean of garbage i dont want to see criticism concerning the prices, what colour your dog is or posts about what you did on the weekend.

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