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[Sold] Wts Sculpting Wand 20S

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I've never gotten around to using this particular item so figured I'd go ahead and pass it on to someone else. The wand has enough charges to lower 59 slope before having to be recharged.


The sale price for the item pictured below is 20s and the transaction must be done in person as it is a no-drop item. I am not firm on the price, but if you want to haggle then it must be done by PM only.




Pickup will be at Calogero on Celebration, at 30x, 5y on this map.


For additional info on this item, see its wiki page here.

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I sold it for the price I wanted. I needed to move it quickly and didn't want to screw around with auctions and spending the weekend watching it and/or ending up having to deliver the wand. To me the speed at which I sold this thing was well worth the trade-off for any potential profits lost.

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