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Updated Magic Weapons Stock (Fm, Indy) 5Th Sept!

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Server: Independence, Town: Freedom Market. (close to The Howl, starter point for new arrivals from the tutorial)


All these awesome weapons are on "Merchant_Magic weapons"

She can be found in the outer north row, when you face north, right side from the middle road, 3rd market stall.

I will try to keep the post updated once a day so that you do not run here  unneccessary.

If you do have an order for an weapon not on the list though, send a forum PM please and I am happy to give you a quote.


Most have Nimbleness, COC and Mind Stealer.

Those that have additional Frostbrand have that marked blue,

those with Life Transfer have this marked green,

those with Venom have it marked bright red,

thise with Rotten Touch have it marked dark red.

RT is nothing I can offer custom at this time.

Only one of those left.



huge axe, iron (71n 84fb 78coc 91ms), 70 ql - 8.5 s


large maul, iron (HD RT 81 BOTD 51) , 71 ql - 5 s


large maul, iron (59N 49LT 51COC 60MS), 70 ql - 4.10 s


large maul, iron (51N 54LT 56COC 85MS), 81 ql - 6.20 s


large maul, iron (43N 46LT 66COC 78MS), 70 ql - 5.30 s


large maul, iron (77n 90fb 79coc 81ms), 70 ql - 7.70 s


large maul, iron (88n 79fb 70coc 50ms) , 69 ql - 4 s


large maul, iron (71n 73fb 82coc 86ms), 71 ql - 6.20 s


large maul, iron (64N 62LT 65COC 83MS), 70 ql - 7 s


longsword, iron (62N 67LT 66COC 63MS), 80 ql - 6.10 s


longsword, iron (76n 87coc 81ms), 71 ql, 5.50 s


longsword, iron (54N 58V 56COC 58MS), 70 ql - 4.60 s


longsword, iron (76n 76fb 63coc), 70 ql - 3 s


longsword, iron (76N 64LT 71COC 79MS), 80 ql - 7.20 s


longsword, iron (54n 77fb  70coc), 71 ql - 2.70 s


longsword, iron (77N 67LT 80COC 69MS), 80 ql - 8 s


longsword, iron (90 coc) - 21 ql, 3 s


longsword, iron (77N 61LT 61COC 61MS), 80 ql - 7 s


longsword, iron (76N 69LT 69COC 62MS), 80 ql - 8 s


longsword, iron (80n 73fb 97coc), 71 ql - 6 s


longsword, iron (92N 62 LT 66COC 92MS), 79 ql - 10 s


small maul, iron (60N 68LT 69COC 84MS), 70 ql - 7 s


two handed sword, iron (48N 49LT 68COC 61MS) , 70 ql - 4.60 s

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[edit] Nvm, I checked other merchants, looks the same to me.

Maybe there still is something I am missing so PM me if you know more.

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Independence. FM is close to the starter location there. Just up the hill.

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