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[Sold] (Deli) Wts Spacious 51X51 Deed, A Perfect Village Or A Huge Farm!

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I'd like to sell my second deed, Miya. The deed is very large and would be a perfect candidate for any use, from being a large farming deed to a village fit for many.

The deed is located at 15x 39y in the forests of south-west Deliverance. Wood is extremely easy to come by here, not to mention a range of other amenities. The on-deed mine contains lots of iron, a zinc vein and three 99ql spawned veins, one each of lead, tin and copper. Pretty much everything you could ever need! Slate and marble are nearby too. The spawned veins have each had no more than 2000 ores mined from them, leaving them all with around 8000 actions left with 99ql ores. This remaining amount makes them worth around 120s! (Each vein cost 50s to spawn.)

The sea is about a 5-10 minute walk away along a 3 tile road, less by horse. This means you can park your ship nearby easily.

The deed itself is 51x51 in size, with roughly three quarters of this space terraformed. In theory, that gives you nearly 2000 tiles of space... Enough for a really, really big farm! Or a lot of houses... Or both... our old farmer used to make just under 10s a month from the deed.

Miya comes with a large, two floor 3x5 workshop space and a church with a silver altar dedicated to each god. There's also a house with 2 beds and some storage space (no roof) ready for any new mayor to move into. An old villager still has his house here too - I can try and get the writ to it for you or knock it down before sale at your request. All buildings are made from stone with the church and workshop having slate roofs.

Also included are 8 horses and 3 cattle. I'm unsure of the traits on the horses and can't promise anything but am confident that they'll at least be decent and have no bad traits. Our old breeder was good at what he did. :P

Lastly, the deed is a member of an alliance of a few local deeds, including my main one. You'd be more than welcome to remain in the alliance and get to know your new neighbours and make good friends. :)

As for pricing, I feel that the deed is "worth" 60s. It would cost 52s to plant a deed of this size, and it comes with 11s upkeep. Then, taking into account the fact that the deed is mostly ready to use and comes with a lot of bonuses (e.g. the very impressive array of veins) but also considering that deeds are generally worth less sold than created I feel that 60s is a fair amount. However, I am more than happy to discuss offers and deals - it's not about what adds up on paper but what people will actually pay. PM me! :)

Lastly the fun part... Pictures!!


I have not put these in image tags because there are too many pictures.


First off, all of the items included with the deed: (there are also another nine BSBs with the same content as Woods9, lots of logs!)



The token:


Token at night:




Main deed entry:


Workshop ground floor:


Workshop 1st floor:


Road outside the deed:


Housing area on other side of road that's on-deed:


NE corner, huge flat space:


SE Corner, partially terraformed:


The road leading to the SE corner:


The SW corner, all terraformed yet more space:


Horse/farm area:


Thanks for looking! :)





Miya by Night

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Sold pending payment!


Sold! Please close.

Edited by Docterchese

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Gah, I cancel my permanent sermon pit idea because you're doing that at Miya, then you sell Miya, wonderful -.-

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I didn't know you cancelled it because of me... come to think of it, one of the reasons why I didn't go ahead with my plan was because you were doing one too...


All I can say is the value of communication :-/

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