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Jacob's Ladder For Sale

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I am returning to the game after a long hiatus, and am looking for a fresh start.  To that end, I am selling my old place in the northwest corner of Celebration.  It is a good mix of mountain and flat, forest and ocean.  It has an awesome dock with a  large warehouse, is two minutes from the exo border, and another two from there to chaos.  Also has a mine with tons of ore (silver, gold, iron), though it has collapsed in a few places.  Has several nice multi-story houses, and a few smaller buildings around.  I had intended to just disband it, but realized I cant move the trader, so I will take any realistic offer. 


I also own a (un-deeded) tree farm nearby that I will turn over to whoever buys this.


Deed Info:


Size            59x27

Perimeter:   5 tiles

Settlement has 1 silver, 63 copper and 63 iron in its coffers.

The monthly cost is 4 silver, 18 copper, and 60 iron.


Shoot me a PM if you want to know more, not putting a lot of effort into this post since I am not looking for much money for it.


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