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Launcher Typo? Lol

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Enter your character name and password in the login box at the bottom right of this screen. When you first play you will have to wait for the packs to download. This may take a while, however it is only needed the once.

however it is only needed the once.

Lol i can't get over that.


If someone else already reported this, I am sorry.



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It's not incorrect as far as I can see. I assume you're mentioning the use of the word 'the' in there as you don't make it clear. Typo's are generally just when you bash some keys in the wrong order (my common one is 'ahve' instead of 'have' and it annoys me a great deal!) while what I assume you're getting at would be more of a grammatical error. However, though its usage may seem superfluous, it's not wrong, check the 4th bullet point on this page.

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