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Please About Pylon Chronology Update, Datas In Post

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Please if someone could put  new data to Pylon Chronology.


here is a proof of new pylon builded and datas to put.


Builded 19/07/2013

Location:  Freedom, Exodus, near Sarmatian Stronghold.

Name: Slithering Memento




Cyklista:  (0.62512565%)      Sarmatian Stronghold, Exodus

Krivak:    (0.118257955%)     Kaer Morhen, Deliverance

Leju:       (0.008710218%)     Kaer Morhen, Deliverance

Leelord:  (0.050586265%)     Kaer Morhen, Deliverance

Mawej:    (0.089782245%)     IronMongers`s Rest, Exodus

Mrjoint:   (0.0023450586%)   Kaer Morhen, Deliverance

Smokus: (0.10050251%)       Kaer Morhen, Deliverance

Wiluss:   (0.0009001674%)   Varsovia, Exodus

Zabaq:    (0.0040201005%)  Sarmatian Stronghold, Exodus



Thank You

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Posted · Hidden by KaiH, July 22, 2013 - irrelevant
Hidden by KaiH, July 22, 2013 - irrelevant

no one really cares, there's no chronology being recorded. The builders of the first one just tagged themselves out of vanity. There's been a dozen built since and doesn't really matter

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I think the Pylon Chronology section on this page should be removed. Either that or be reformatted to resemble the Known Colossi section on the Colossus page. The number of Pylons is only going to increase over time and a full accounting of them with the current formating will get far too large for the page. Epic has not been updating this page with new Pylon's because of this reason.

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