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Amusing Wurm Chats

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This is the worst thread evar. Simply because nothing springs immediately to mind on the opening post, but I know there are occasions where a bit of kchat is so dry, funny, noobish, awkward or stupid that you at least emit an actual lol. Rofling happens too on occasion but I'm hoping the oft used lmao remains a myth... unless of course the last letter is really for 'out' in which case I'm sure I've ruptured a spleen or two over the years over Wurm chats myself.


So, with a complete lack of funny Wurm conversations I'm hoping Wurmlings can deliver a few lols in the near future. Either way I'm blame shifting your way until you provide a it's all good.


tl/dr - Please post funny Wurm convos.better than the one above.

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[20:50:14] <Zcul> you can modify everything

[20:50:19] <Zcul> except the water level of the ocean

[20:50:25] <Joona> ^we need ponds

[20:50:38] <Zcul> some day...

[20:50:42] <Sklo> But I guess Zcul will also make this possible one day :P

[20:50:43] <Kezeal> Waterfalls...

[20:50:44] <Kezeal> Mmmm...

[20:50:49] <Zcul> don't go chasing waterfalls

[20:50:59] <Joona> wheres rice

[20:51:09] <Zcul> one day baby we'll get ponds, oh baby we'll get ponds, oh baby we'll get ponds think of all the stories that we could have told.


Wurm Online is where devs start singing about their game ;)


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The chat logs that I would consider funny are a bit too inappropriate to repost.  :P

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The chat logs that I would consider funny are a bit too inappropriate to repost. :P


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This one just me me laugh..... :D


[10:00:13] <Karrde> meh rare support beam... cant even fit it into a reg altar


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[19:16:27] <Brotunia> i aint toy making lol
[19:16:39] <Brotunia> locks locks locks
[19:17:19] <Brotunia> gynrua shoul dbe close to 80 by the end of this weekend so locks will be good
[19:17:36] <Brotunia> gynrua.
[19:17:40] <Brotunia> grrr
[19:17:54] <Brotunia> someone mail my a keyboard with nothing sticky on it
[19:18:01] <Brotunia> nm i didnt say that
[19:18:11] <Brotunia> shhh
[19:18:12] <Acaos> was so many jokes right there
[19:18:19] <Brotunia> hehe
[19:18:22] <Padre> ... ... ... ... ... ...
[19:19:29] <Hottvdinner> how bad hurt are ya cef?
[19:19:31] <Hottvdinner> mt
[19:19:42] <Acaos> right, thats my forum signature re-done
[19:19:44] <Acaos> [19:17:54] <Brotunia> someone mail my a keyboard with nothing sticky on it
[19:19:49] <Brotunia> i had a fun time the other day to bads and low healing.
[19:19:59] <Brotunia> shhh ididnt say that!!
[19:20:05] <Padre> screenshot

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The chat logs that I would consider funny are a bit too inappropriate to repost.  :P

Unfortunately that could be true in a lot of cases. A while back something happened to the detriment of someone I, and virtually everyone has a lot of respect for, I think it may have been Nathan. I just remember the chat about it was one of the funniest moments in my years playing. Would feel a **** posting that without a disclaimer. I'm sure I would but can't even find the logs it's on.


Skio, you set the bar high with that one, love it. Redeemed the thread there I think without even laughing at someone's misfortune. :D

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Typical JKH banter, how could I even think of swapping servers :)



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Amusing chats? Anything Davidlewisbell says.

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What happens in late night chat, stays in late night chat.

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I can't remember who started it, but the inde map updates tend to include a one-line amusing quote from kchat. The difficulty there is that a) I cba to actually store funny quotes anywhere, so it has to have been said in the few hours I've played that day and B) it has to be amusing in a single line!


That said, I've only once had to prompt people into being funny. Mostly there's already somebody making a fool of themselves  :rolleyes:

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I can't remember who started it, but the inde map updates tend to include a one-line amusing quote from kchat. The difficulty there is that a) I cba to actually store funny quotes anywhere, so it has to have been said in the few hours I've played that day and B) it has to be amusing in a single line!


You foolish man, it was I.

Hell, here's my quote.txt:


[01:14:28] <Epoch> idk, anything can happen in a week with rolf in charge =P

[01:01:04] <Johnny> Would require high milking skill but would give you epic troll milk.
[12:56:16] <Misterangry> thinking about how badly these balls need polishing
[13:07:40] <Kordane> I find pornography helps alot in that regard
[01:49:37] <Othobrithol> prison style Dark...hardcore
[01:48:50] <Othobrithol> Now you editted out the part of my interview where I got drunk and talked about Spellcast right?
[01:44:43] <Boston> more people should be open about wanting to eat children, its only natural.
[16:12:45] <Randnar> you nordic bastard
[20:04:01] <Maertuerer> is that good or bad? [20:04:44] <Rof> dunno good i think
[20:08:42] <Rof> go to wild starhero
<Raybarg> Your balls are made of steel, the way you survived those 4 revert disappointments :)
[01:00:37] <Rail> you know, i was gonna nick yer cart
[01:00:43] <Rail> then i realized you were right there
[13:01:46] <Jericho> like some sort of retarded buddhist gardener monk only instead of gardening its alchemy
[13:38:14] <Wiluss> hmm i got adolscent hore and it look like smal horse ...
[20:27:33] <Chakron> I would like to live in a world where we don't have to interpret the head developer's changes as if reading a Ouija board.
[15:58:17] <Zalifear> Wurm the game where you hate your neighbours
[16:03:27] <Vroomfondel> What did you do, grab your friend by the ankles and beat the troll to death with him?
[16:04:55] <Jonzay> We need a bot (hear me out!) that sits in chat and watches for key words like "is there a map" and autoresponds
[17:13:53] <Proximo> I'm just saying, dogs are terrible.  if you can keep them outside all the time and like stepping on crap alot, I guess they are ok
[17:24:27] <Webba> lol i died :P didnt realise that when it says young crocodile attacks me that it meant the second one not the bleeding one :P
[06:36:07] <Wreven> apparently its an icecream cake, and the secret is to take your cow to the tundra and milk it when it freezes to death...
[01:06:41] <Movu> whats up kchat, beating dead horses again?
[20:55:43] <Zuperman> "mutewarn Apioneer EASY on the caps
<Grizzlyadams> i vowed to leaves animals alone this time.. heh just cant
<Grizzlyadams> i LOVE to hear ARHH when breeding
[16:21:05] <Zuperman> lol no but f*uck will get you a warning
[18:31:04] <Wormpl> activate hammer, right-click your head
<kadore> probably consulting the magic 8 ball you get in the GM kit
<GrizzlyAdams> [13:26:31] <Schiann> I hope your penis falls off and a troll uses it as a friendship bracelet
[16:22:18] <Eladia> well stock up on the viagra now
[21:12:25] <Pierrelinden> what can u get for a dong in vietnam ^^
[21:35:48] <Yukonsam> That wasn't a fall, that was a mineral-moderated downward flight path.
[18:08:54] <Whykillme> oo shes very nice inside
[18:43:36] <Snowie> Big ass village is big
[17:34:03] <Scribeskul> Yeah he sold me once for 5s to a troup of aged trolls.
[11:27:01] <Feraxy> oh god now that i'm not building your houses i don't know what to do
[18:48:23] <Jamesgudge> fix the noobs
[01:05:59] <Bludragon> you should see a baby's diaper after he eats a box of crayons :P
[01:05:03] <Crazytaxzi> mom why is there lucky charms in the toilet?
[15:04:40] <Schizowinia> I feel like a loser. I've been awake and on Wurm your entire sleep cycle, and before that.
[10:03:31] <Snowie> Fun... i killed my own village mate because he pissed me off
[10:13:35] <Zalifear> Better watch out or Elwood may Give you the freak toe
[10:19:46] <Sheogorath> popping eyeballs out of sockets, and feeding medical licenses to walruses
[10:34:01] <Zalifear> Only if it's a tribe of midget warriors with tooth picks as spears and duck feet
[18:34:58] <Popemobile> howabout spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam and spam
[19:10:46] <Darneith> Don't feed the trolls, just kill him and harvest him for his glands
[21:49:06] <Azated> Someday, someone, somwhere is going to find a way to harness the power of the fog.
[16:23:47] <Miura> cougars and trolls everywhere .. :\
deli - [15:30:29] <Danayis> digging is what people who are "leaders" usually have high amounts in
[19:53:41] <Smejack> I was a desperate woman at the time, in need of fast skill
<Schiann> [21:21:24] <Alyeska> everyone go inside and get aids
[16:52:38] <Melketh> it just means someone got butthurt and whined down Rolf's ear until he changed it
[00:05:36] <Bhazrak> the mountain lions that continually assault my deed have finally set up a lair outside of it.
[15:02:17] <Becket> Did I read this right.. I didn't like a GM call went against me so Im going to play WoW.
[03:00:55] <Stix> I love exodus but the locals have been in the sun to long or something lol
[07:17:59] <Kingtren> dont quote me im an idiot ;D
[12:42:56] <Dapper> that kinda fiber would lead to rectal reconstruction
[03:01:13] <Affinity> I swear im retarded
[18:38:23] <Alyeska> I like my coc shafts. I like to hammer my dolls with it.
[01:56:42] <Poof> I have the urge to slave myself .-.
<Schiann> ###### off, you :P
[23:31:07] <Schiann> I would
[19:26:02] <Horde of the Summoned tower guard> You're one ugly bastard, young alert troll!
[18:11:27] <Gothmog> damn bastards they killed piggy
[09:16:21] <Twilia> ...I swore that row boat wasn't purple yesterday.
[18:32:01] <Schiann> I think he's into some freaky BDSM ######
[02:05:52] <Malick> lol whats wrong with Tek's coc
[10:40:18] <Libertha> [11:40:17] <Rof> you may need help from a gm
[01:03:44] <pashka> he pays me well for my time
[19:19:40] <Generica> all I know is I'm dragging this ###### behind my cart
[14:32:44] <Smejack> You know all about eating fat Sme




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And not forgetting The Slab Conversation:


[16:31:55] <Dreamia> ...

[16:31:57] <Darkoak> lmfao
[16:31:59] <Darkdruid> lmfao
[16:32:05] <Dreamia> err ya...them guys
[16:32:10] <Majorgetsome> jajaja
[16:32:48] <Darkdruid> wtf man
[16:33:21] <Elomria> Guys i'm nwe!
[16:33:28] <Minimusmaximus> god venison is deer
[16:33:28] <Elomria> how i can go more fast!?
[16:33:31] <Majorgetsome> dont dare say an acronym with f in it!
[16:33:40] <Majorgetsome> bypass filter jaja reporta!!
[16:34:08] <Elomria> ??
[16:34:16] <Dreamia> how much are you carrying Elomria
[16:34:52] <Protunia> that will make a difference. ;)
[16:34:52] <Elomria> carryng?
[16:35:03] <Minimusmaximus> yeah press f3
[16:35:04] <Dreamia> in inventory
[16:35:26] <Dreamia> x is autowalk
[16:35:43] <Darkreaper> what is f then?
[16:35:51] <Boston> ftw?
[16:35:54] <Eladia> f is dig
[16:35:58] <Majorgetsome> report!!!
[16:35:59] <Protunia> fish
[16:36:00] <Majorgetsome> lol
[16:36:01] <Tripletake> fancy
[16:36:03] <Eladia> rofl
[16:36:03] <Viperblood> no f is forage
[16:36:04] <Majorgetsome> what the fish
[16:36:07] <Majorgetsome> what the forage
[16:36:11] <Majorgetsome> what the forge
[16:36:11] <Eladia> forage is q
[16:36:20] <Viperblood> q is climb :P
[16:36:59] <Elomria> what mean of carrying??lol
[16:37:01] <Jonzay> What the fhqwhgads?
[16:38:04] <Dreamia> if you picked things up, it will be in your inventory
[16:38:24] <Darkoak> would that be w, t or f?
[16:38:27] <Protunia> next question whats an inventory?? odds?
[16:38:50] <Dreamia> f3 to check inventory
[16:39:14] <Dreamia> drop the logs or wood scraps
[16:39:34] <Dreamia> dam ! its cold in my house
[16:39:47] <Protunia> if you suicide you will drop most of the extra weight too. ;)
[16:40:30] <Protunia> hmm can I make 90 mining today?
[16:40:38] <Nervesplitter> no
[16:40:50] <Protunia> 1.15 togo
[16:41:13] <Protunia> thats like 9 hours with sb I bet
[16:41:23] <Nervesplitter> so you cant do it today
[16:41:30] <Protunia> :(
[16:41:34] <Roki> pfff full of lasagne bolognese now:(
[16:41:34] <Nervesplitter> you need to get an extra 4 hours
[16:42:30] <Nervesplitter> buy 2 white powders
[16:42:54] <Protunia> bah ill go to 89 then work WC to 81
[16:43:20] <Nervesplitter> im going spider hunting :D
[16:43:24] <Protunia> :D
[16:43:31] <Nervesplitter> squish
[16:43:38] <Dreamia> OOo . come by me !
[16:43:52] <Nervesplitter> i see a spider :D
[16:44:25] <Nervesplitter> dream, where are you?
[16:44:35] <Dreamia> east coast
[16:44:39] <Dreamia> i get LOTS
[16:44:42] <Nervesplitter> deed name?
[16:44:57] <Dreamia> near MarshTown
[16:45:05] <Dreamia> and Climax
[16:45:14] <Dreamia> I'm DreamOn
[16:45:26] <Dreamia> but not on map
[16:45:37] <Nervesplitter> ah well then i cant find you
[16:45:46] <Dreamia> 8/
[16:45:51] <Nervesplitter> co-ords
[16:46:11] <Boston> anyone selling champ/greenish bears pm me :)
[16:46:14] <Thefarmer> Hello persons of wurm
[16:46:17] <Jopiesaus> if i make an colossus and someone deeds over it
[16:46:21] <Dreamia> :P
[16:46:27] <Jopiesaus> who owns the colossus ?
[16:46:38] <Nervesplitter> rolf
[16:46:42] <Protunia> maker
[16:46:42] <Jonzay> Hah
[16:46:54] <Dreamia> does it matter?
[16:46:56] <Godoffal> who cares its a big statue that does nothing?
[16:46:56] <Jopiesaus> will a colossus decay ?
[16:47:06] <Nervesplitter> die squishy spider
[16:47:37] <Jonzay> Nerve is right you know: Rolf owns it, you have the right to have access to see it, and you have the right to have your name set as "Owner" of it
[16:47:38] <Nervesplitter> 1 23DMG wound on it
[16:48:31] <Dreamia> actually, someone sued & won the right to their virtual goods
[16:48:49] <Traslogan> that was on second life iirc
[16:48:50] <Dreamia> *rights
[16:48:52] <Nervesplitter> im sure their mum was very proud
[16:48:59] <Protunia> depends on the country of where the business is
[16:48:59] <Dreamia> lol
[16:49:04] <Dreamia> probably...
[16:49:10] <Nervesplitter> spider die
[16:49:23] <Sariss> Wurm's EULA's pretty specific about what you pay for here. Access to a service. Nothing more.
[16:49:31] <Renygild> Hell, I went afk while sailing and now Im lost in the see because of this fog
[16:49:40] <Majorgetsome> i think were all aware that EULA doesnt legally mean anything
[16:49:53] <Gorgon> I pay for this game and cant even use internet lingo :<
[16:50:03] <Majorgetsome> lol
[16:50:28] <Dreamia> not F ?
[16:50:37] <Gorgon> dont say f bro
[16:50:38] <Dreamia> you can say A tho ?
[16:50:47] <Dreamia> hmmmm, weird
[16:50:48] <Majorgetsome> its retarded when theres a word filter
[16:50:50] <Gorgon> shh!!! dont say iut!\
[16:50:57] <Eladia> dont think you can say that either
[16:51:07] <Gorgon> we cant even talk about talking about it
[16:51:15] <Dreamia> OOooo
[16:51:17] <Dreamia> shhhhh
[16:51:23] <Nervesplitter> what do you think this is freedom?
[16:51:29] <Majorgetsome> we need to make a freedom 2 chat for cool people
[16:51:31] <Sariss> Geez. I'm so glad I've been on my best behaviour!
[16:51:32] <Xellion> anyone seen battlestar galactica online's policy on cursing?
[16:51:33] <Dreamia> lets ALL havea private chat channel !
[16:51:50] <Thefarmer> Yes
[16:51:55] <Dreamia> no
[16:51:55] <Thefarmer> Lets all do that
[16:52:03] <Eir> anyone who doesn't like the rules and terms agreed to are more than welcome to make an ally chat or IRC channel
[16:52:12] <Nervesplitter> needs to be an "/add minimusmaximus to team nervesplitter" command
[16:52:21] <Eir> but here you must follow the rules posted and that you agreed to
[16:52:36] <Thefarmer> Eir
[16:52:37] <Majorgetsome> Eir future ca
[16:52:42] <Darkoak> eir's a gm
[16:52:43] <Traslogan> Eir is a GM
[16:52:46] <Majorgetsome> oh cool
[16:52:49] <Gorgon> we agreed to not using certain letters in words?
[16:52:51] <Thefarmer> Eir
[16:52:52] <Majorgetsome> but why not filter it
[16:52:55] <Majorgetsome> if its so bad
[16:53:09] <Dreamia> i believe it is filtered
[16:53:14] <Thefarmer> Eir
[16:53:21] <Gorgon> It is filtered, but we arent even allowed to use the filter lol
[16:53:22] <Eir> I don't make the rules, you could put that in suggestions if you really feel the need to swear in public
[16:53:35] <Thefarmer> Eir
[16:53:47] <Dreamia> i think it's habit for most people ?
[16:53:50] <Gorgon> I could put a period anywhere in my sentence and get muted, and its happened before
[16:53:56] <Schiann> .
[16:53:59] <Boston> its habit for most tradesmen xD
[16:54:00] <Nervesplitter> if you dont like it turn the filter on
[16:54:00] <Gorgon> Dont do it!
[16:54:08] <Majorgetsome> nerve thats what i say
[16:54:10] <Thefarmer> Eir
[16:54:29] <Darkoak> dot
[16:54:29] <Simonset> why cant i cut down trees
[16:54:29] <Eir> yes Thefarmer?
[16:54:32] <Nervesplitter> its like turning on the TV and saying its too bright
[16:54:33] <Xellion> i never complain about chat rules after seeing BSG Online's rules
[16:54:35] <Dreamia> ..i hardly talk anyways..
[16:54:40] <Thefarmer> Where do you live?
[16:54:56] <Gorgon> Dremia, what bad words did you have behind those periods there, im on to you
[16:55:00] <Dreamia> no! it's too loud
[16:55:03] <Xellion> they auto ban you in all chats for cursing even in private channels
[16:55:07] <Tripletake> he lives in the moon with me
[16:55:13] <Dreamia> uhh
[16:55:17] <Thefarmer> Eir
[16:55:24] <Eir> in wurm or irl?
[16:55:28] <Eir> find me :P lol
[16:55:29] <Thefarmer> in wurm
[16:56:02] <Thefarmer> Eir
[16:56:08] <Thefarmer> Why dont you answer me
[16:56:11] <Dreamia> he sounds like that kid, non non non non non
[16:56:12] <Nervesplitter> lol
[16:56:29] <Thefarmer> oh, so your suggesting i dont find him?
[16:56:33] <Urman> I thought you were answered - have to look
[16:56:37] <Eir> I don't talk about those things in public, there are others to consider
[16:56:39] <Dreamia> err, mom mom mom mom m om mom mom MOM
[16:56:44] <Thefarmer> ok
[16:56:50] <Thefarmer> I have more questions
[16:57:11] <Thefarmer> Do you have any potatoes?
[16:57:19] <Dreamia> me?
[16:57:23] <Thefarmer> and barley
[16:57:23] <Urman> me?
[16:57:24] <Thefarmer> no
[16:57:27] <Thefarmer> only Eir
[16:57:30] <Nervesplitter> me? :P
[16:57:43] <Thefarmer> your not Eir
[16:57:44] <Urman> if you only want to speak to eir, then use /t eir
[16:57:45] <Eir> I have potatos but no grains and am not at my village right now, out and about
[16:58:01] <Thefarmer> Please visit me in my farm
[16:58:09] <Protunia> O.o
[16:58:11] <Thefarmer> we can drink coca cola, or tea if you prefere
[16:58:13] <Nervesplitter> wooo
[16:58:25] <Thefarmer> then i can buy you some potatoes
[16:58:32] <Dreamia> goodlord...
[16:58:40] <Gorgon> dont say that
[16:58:41] <Urman> ^ this is when I pity GMs for not being able to /ignore
[16:58:44] <Nervesplitter> i think someone is in thefarmers account :P
[16:58:47] <Gorgon> im offended by lord words
[16:58:55] <Eir> oh lol no thanks, I have a bin of high ql potatos but thanks for the offer
[16:58:56] <Alyarin> Price check wemp fibre?
[16:59:04] <Nervesplitter> depends on ql
[16:59:26] <Protunia> current larket trend shows all prices falling until mid summer... :P
[16:59:32] <Thefarmer> Thank you Eir, for your time and patience, i was only making a statistic test, with the general public as my test subject
[16:59:33] <Protunia> market even*
[16:59:34] <Dreamia> I spammed?
[16:59:42] <Dreamia> i got a warnin...
[16:59:47] <Alyarin> minimum for making a small rowing boat wemp fibre price?
[16:59:49] <Thefarmer> And it seems it was a success
[16:59:51] <Dreamia> ops MT
[16:59:57] <Gorgon> Dreamia, enjoy your mute, dont talk about staff actions
[17:00:02] <Nervesplitter> what mooring rope?
[17:00:05] <Darkoak> everyone got a warning today dreamia
[17:00:08] <Majorgetsome> lol
[17:00:13] <Elwoodj> lol...
[17:00:13] <Nervesplitter> except from meeee!
[17:00:25] <Thefarmer> I didnt get a warning
[17:00:35] <Elwoodj> me either.
[17:00:35] <Thefarmer> Cause i havent said anything dirty today
[17:00:43] <Elwoodj> hey eir! :)
[17:00:46] <Gorgon> nerve, use any kind of common internet lingo to express that you are laughing alot, and you will get a warn in due time
[17:00:52] <Eir> Hi Elwood
[17:00:56] <Elwoodj> sup?
[17:00:57] <Nervesplitter> what lol?
[17:01:01] <Nervesplitter> or lmao?
[17:01:03] <Darkoak> rofl
[17:01:05] <Gorgon> NO!
[17:01:07] <Elwoodj> lolcats.
[17:01:09] <Gorgon> No A's!
[17:01:21] <Gorgon> we can only say lol or rofl
[17:01:27] <Nervesplitter> oh god
[17:01:28] <Darkoak> that one has an f
[17:01:30] <Gorgon> but rofl has an f so i dunno.....
[17:01:38] <Mamadarkness> floor
[17:01:41] <Majorgetsome> floor affends me
[17:01:44] <Nervesplitter> sorry trans i dont even know what lm.o stands for
[17:01:48] <Gorgon> im offended by floors
[17:01:58] <Gorgon> so its agreed, no rofl
[17:01:58] <Darkoak> floorboards offend me
[17:02:09] <Gorgon> we can only say lol guys, new rule sorry
[17:02:13] <Nervesplitter> gorgon its lm.o
[17:02:17] <Gorgon> hahah
[17:02:24] <Thefarmer> Eir, look how we can change subjects like this
[17:02:28] <Azadine> laughing offends me, please stop it immediately!
[17:02:34] <Eir> oh I have lol
[17:02:34] <Gorgon> sorry Az!
[17:02:40] <Nervesplitter> thefarmer do you fancy eir or something?
[17:02:40] <Eir> love Wurm ADD :D
[17:02:42] <Darkoak> are slabs offensive?
[17:02:52] <Thefarmer> Hey guys, is the Nvidia graphic cards better than ATI?
[17:02:55] <Gorgon> to me yes, please do not use tha word
[17:02:58] <Elwoodj> i agree Eir
[17:03:02] <Darkoak> you filthy slab
[17:03:02] <Thefarmer> cause i dont know which to buy
[17:03:09] <Elwoodj> Freedom kchat= bunch of nonsense
[17:03:10] <Protunia> I think its a banned alt or something maybe a couple of em playing chat tag with the gm's
[17:03:10] <Nervesplitter> i could say the waste product from smelting steel is offensive
[17:03:22] <Thefarmer> i think Nvidia is the one i should buy tho
[17:03:25] <Azadine> okay now you're making me lol which i find even more offensive! *twitch
[17:03:32] <Tripletake> I prefer nVIDIA, I've had problems with ATI cards, but ymmv
[17:03:37] <Gorgon> Aza, dont laugh your butt off
[17:03:40] <Gorgon> trust me
[17:03:41] <Darkoak> that twitch is offensive
[17:03:46] <Darkoak> you slab
[17:03:48] <Thefarmer> so ATI doesnt worth buying?
[17:03:51] <Majorgetsome> rofl
[17:03:52] <Azadine> lol
[17:03:53] <Trullilulli> whats the chance to make lockpicks at 25 locksmithing
[17:03:55] <Elwoodj> popcorn!
[17:03:57] <Nervesplitter> is anus a swear?
[17:04:01] <Elwoodj> get ya popcorn.
[17:04:04] <Tripletake> that's my opinion Thefarmer :)
[17:04:08] <Gorgon> depends on what you mean by A, nerve
[17:04:09] <Darkoak> I'm gonna gravel your slabbin' face
[17:04:15] <Thefarmer> ok
[17:04:24] <Nervesplitter> because the a in lm.o could mean anus
[17:04:34] <Gorgon> but to the CA's any letter can mean anything they want
[17:04:52] <Thefarmer> my attempt to change subject failed
[17:04:56] <Majorgetsome> yes it did
[17:04:59] <Thefarmer> let me try somthing else
[17:05:00] <Nervesplitter> oo poop, a lava fiend
[17:05:12] <Majorgetsome> it had potential but this is to good of a subject
[17:05:12] <Darkoak> zipidee doo da, zipidee ay
[17:05:14] <Thefarmer> Football is better than soccer
[17:05:15] <Majorgetsome> to change
[17:05:23] <Elwoodj> so, what did you guys had for breakfast? Annoy the staff to hell and backios?
[17:05:33] <Gorgon> quite the oppiste el
[17:05:37] <Darkoak> beat it woodchuck, why aren't you on wild
[17:05:42] <Azadine> i had a full english..
[17:05:45] <Elwoodj> None of your damn business.
[17:05:46] <Azadine> breakfast that isd
[17:05:48] <Gorgon> WOAH!
[17:05:51] <Darkoak> they run you out again
[17:05:59] <Nervesplitter> anyone near the savage coast? i need help
[17:06:00] <Smejack> XD
[17:06:03] <Gorgon> Get your helmets on boys, that guy just said the D word
[17:06:08] <Elwoodj> not exactly, here for a assignment, now, move on you.
[17:06:16] <Darkoak> no
[17:06:21] <Darkoak> i'm here to stay
[17:06:29] <Majorgetsome> rofl
[17:06:43] <Darkoak> by Fo's thorn, I shall not move
[17:06:45] <Azadine> do us girls get to put on helmets or something else? a sunhat maybe?
[17:06:53] <Nervesplitter> somebody help!
[17:06:56] <Gorgon> a nice sunhat will do just fine
[17:06:59] <Smejack> i prefer my baseball cap :P
[17:07:07] <Boston> an assignment?
[17:07:22] <Boston> i must know!
[17:07:26] <Tripletake> found too many spiders there Nerve?
[17:07:34] <Nervesplitter> no i found a lava fiend
[17:07:37] <Elwoodj> Sadly, thats Classified information.
[17:07:45] <Darquies> excellent i just made my first heavy maul
[17:07:48] <Azadine> did the lava fiend strike a Nerve? *s.
[17:07:49] <Boston> dont you give me that
[17:07:53] <Boston> im above the law.
[17:07:57] <Elwoodj> Im the law.
[17:08:01] <Darkoak> classified, like it's the CIA
[17:08:02] <Azadine> that was a kind of giggle.. *sigh
[17:08:04] <Boston> well im above you!
[17:08:05] <Nervesplitter> could someone help me kill it?
[17:08:09] <Roki> laggg
[17:08:21] <Gorgon> dont complain about lag plz
[17:08:22] <Darkoak> shut it you slab
[17:08:27] <Gorgon> against the rules
[17:08:35] <Wildone> ban himn!
[17:08:40] <Roki> lol
[17:08:41] <Thefarmer> What the »peeep« are you all »peeep« about? All that »peeep« talking about »peeep« swearing and »peeep«.... Damn it!..
[17:08:45] <Darkoak> floorboard
[17:08:49] <Smejack> lol
[17:08:56] <Nervesplitter> i w*s exploring * c*ve *nd i s*w * l*v* fiend *nd now i need help killing it
[17:09:01] <Nervesplitter> :P
[17:09:02] <Majorgetsome> rofl
[17:09:03] <Gorgon> Thefarmer, abbreviations and filters still count criminal scum
[17:09:12] <Darkoak> oh man, nerve's gettin muted for that one
[17:09:17] <Azadine> lol
[17:09:20] <Thefarmer> Shut up infidel
[17:09:25] <Robfox> stop talking, start playing ^^
[17:09:27] <Nervesplitter> dont say that!
[17:09:38] <Darkoak> you floorboard slab
[17:09:40] <Azadine> criminal scum? i'm laughing so hard i'm find myself totally offensive
[17:09:43] <Nervesplitter> would a 15.89DMG wound heal?
[17:09:46] <Eladia> rofl
[17:10:08] <Fenny> How many times can I generally forage a tile before it's unforagableble?
[17:10:14] <Gorgon> 1x
[17:10:15] <Thefarmer> damn wood scraps... everytime i log on you have to be here?
[17:10:18] <Fenny> Oh
[17:10:28] <Nervesplitter> ummmm you said the D word
[17:10:30] <Azadine> you can forage it, then botanize, then move to the next tile.
[17:10:36] <Diogenes> kCh.t is .lw.ys so much .un to listen in on :)
[17:10:36] <Thefarmer> damn?
[17:10:40] <Nervesplitter> ummm
[17:10:42] <Thefarmer> is damn against the rules?
[17:10:45] <Gorgon> I dont understand how thefarmer doesnt have an IP and mac address ban by now
[17:10:57] <Nervesplitter> could be, it refers to religion
[17:11:04] <Azadine> i dont understand why his keyboard hasnt been confiscated
[17:11:09] <Thefarmer> Because im special
[17:11:10] <Gorgon> exactly lmao
[17:11:12] <Nervesplitter> because he's sucking up to eir :P
[17:11:16] <Majorgetsome> lol
[17:11:18] <Eir> aje,
[17:11:23] <Azadine> Ooooh.. i see..
[17:11:24] <Eir> ahem even heh
[17:11:26] <Azadine> Eir
[17:11:32] <Nervesplitter> Eir
[17:11:34] <Thefarmer> oops Nerves, that one will bring the orange color into your life
[17:11:35] <Azadine> would you like to come to my village for some milk?
[17:11:38] <Gorgon> this man has violated my ears Eir
[17:11:39] <Darkoak> Gravel
[17:11:41] <Eir> so why don't you guys use the new mute another player system?
[17:11:51] <Nervesplitter> oh g*d
[17:11:53] <Gorgon> because traslogan is for us
[17:11:53] <Darkoak> cos it doesn't work on ca's
[17:11:56] <Berris> 'cause it sucks?
[17:12:07] <Tripletake> how many votes does that take anyway Eir?
[17:12:08] <Boston> because its terrible
[17:12:11] <Gorgon> we dont have to mute anyone when tras does it for us :D
[17:12:14] <Thefarmer> Cause its »peeep«
[17:12:17] <Eir> they didn't tell me :(
[17:12:31] <Traslogan> I just do my job gorgon
[17:12:34] <Thefarmer> peep its the name of my new pig
[17:12:40] <Gorgon> and you do it VERY well sir
[17:12:41] <Thefarmer> Omg ! its peep here!
[17:12:47] <Nervesplitter> i bet tommorrow freedom will be gone and replaced with slavery
[17:12:49] <Thefarmer> how are you today litle peeep!
[17:12:51] <Majorgetsome> rofl
[17:12:52] <Darkoak> slabbery
[17:13:03] <Azadine> floorboardery
[17:13:04] <Fenny> It appears to be a wee bit cloudy.
[17:13:06] <Nervesplitter> slavery chat
[17:13:09] <Majorgetsome> i cant even make this cart im laughing my slab off so hard
[17:13:15] <Gorgon> lolol
[17:13:16] <Smejack> lol
[17:13:17] <Thefarmer> woodscrappery
[17:13:23] <Fobro> so is thefarmer a GM alt trying to see how far the players tolerate mischief?
[17:13:25] <Darksonic> will anyone give me some logs plz
[17:13:30] <Nervesplitter> i saw black smoke coming out of a mine and went in to investigate
[17:13:39] <Berris> lol
[17:13:40] <Darkoak> dude that was the most gravel slab i ever floorboard
[17:13:42] <Thefarmer> hahha
[17:13:45] <Gorgon> hahah
[17:13:46] <Nervesplitter> it was a lava fiend
[17:13:49] <Majorgetsome> lol
[17:14:01] <Nervesplitter> and it gave me a medium
[17:14:04] <Fobro> ya, curiousity killed the cat, too
[17:14:07] <Razner> where are yuo? I could use a lava fiend
[17:14:14] <Nervesplitter> its across water
[17:14:20] <Gorgon> i almost typed the l, m, and the A part then the O, then i remembered we can, but i cant express my laughter to you guys sorry :[[
[17:14:34] <Darkoak> laughin my lsabbin floorboard off
[17:14:41] <Smejack> lololol
[17:14:50] <Nervesplitter> why dont we call it wass? like wemp?
[17:15:03] <Thefarmer> my wemp?
[17:15:04] <Azadine> perhaps you can Laugh Your Frosty Apples Off?
[17:15:08] <Nervesplitter> lmwo
[17:15:17] <Darkoak> don't make fun of speech impedements!
[17:15:24] <Azadine> of course, that sounds a bit rude too.. hmm..
[17:15:31] <Darksonic> how do u raise ur carpentry lvl
[17:15:36] <Gorgon> i cant even use ther letters man, apparently it can mean whatever the person muting me wants it to mean :[[
[17:15:46] <Traslogan> I'm getting tired of people working around the filters and chat rules by referring to things by the name of slab etc. I will mutewarn and mute for a minimum of 4 hours if it continues
[17:15:59] <Darkoak> so we can't say slab now
[17:16:03] <Gorgon> Keep up the good work Tras!
[17:16:07] <Traslogan> not when you are using it for the wrong purposes
[17:16:07] <Gorgon> Everybody loves you!
[17:16:07] <Majorgetsome> LOL
[17:16:11] <Robfox> nice tras
[17:16:12] <Nervesplitter> i wanted to buy some of those aswell
[17:16:13] <Darkoak> I have to ***b my floors though
[17:16:21] <Thefarmer> I am with you Tras!
[17:16:29] <Thefarmer> You can visit me at my farm anytime ok?
[17:16:34] <Traslogan> like I said darkoak.....ONLY for the right purposes.
[17:16:35] <Smejack> hmmmm
[17:16:42] <Nervesplitter> WTB 100 ****s 2s and 50c for delivery
[17:16:45] <Traslogan> Thefarmer im busy grinding mining on my deed
[17:16:48] <Darkoak> brick hot
[17:16:50] <Boston> Orange Text!
[17:16:54] <Majorgetsome> The following chat rules apply to everyone, which includes all players and wurm staff members.

1 ) You may never purposefully or willingly attempt to disrupt or troll any chat.
[17:16:58] <Majorgetsome> thanks for killing the chat
[17:17:00] <Thefarmer> ok
[17:17:01] <Majorgetsome> and breaking rules
[17:17:02] <Majorgetsome> ?
[17:17:05] <Santropez> oh kchat, you sure are edgy tonight
[17:17:07] <Thefarmer> But one day you have to visit me
[17:17:14] <Gorgon> So does anyone want to buy these things that you put on your floor that are made out of rock shards (not allowed to say the name sorry)
[17:17:17] <Thefarmer> I will be the producer of the best milk in all wurm
[17:17:21] <Darkoak> nice raft
[17:17:22] <Boston> its high calibre mode for kchat tonight.
[17:17:25] <Xellion> first rule of freedom chat....
[17:17:31] <Wildone> is that a road from fishermans cove to the other continent on the map?
[17:17:41] <Darkoak> nah
[17:17:45] <Nervesplitter> can i buy some wabs off of someone?
[17:17:46] <Darkoak> well, south of fm
[17:18:01] <Eladia> somehow im seeing men carrying a little white coat coming soon
[17:18:12] <Thefarmer> Guys please stop with this nonesense talking, lets talk about clay instead.
[17:18:14] <Nervesplitter> and a stretcher
[17:18:17] <Boston> i thought it was funny when coles brought out "SARS" in a can.. short for sarsperella or watever but still, LOL
[17:18:21] <Darkoak> i like peat myself
[17:18:40] <Boston> what ya drinkin there buddy? oh just some sars.
[17:18:41] <Gorgon> What are some things I can put on my house floor? I dont want cobble or floorboards
[17:18:48] <Darkoak> gravel
[17:18:57] <Gorgon> meh, too outsidey
[17:18:58] <Darksonic> will anyone give me some logs plz
[17:19:01] <Boston> corpses
[17:19:11] <Eladia> a mixture of slabs and cobble doesnt look bad
[17:19:15] <Nervesplitter> darksonic, trees are everywhere
[17:19:16] <Boston> layer the ground with pelts and fur.
[17:19:22] <Darkoak> omg eladia you didn't just say that
[17:19:27] <Gorgon> woah woah woah woah, who just said the S word
[17:19:33] <Darksonic> it wont let me cut them says bad for ur karma
[17:19:42] <Nervesplitter> well go somewhere off deed
[17:19:50] <Thefarmer> Eladia, a mixture or cobble and what?
[17:19:57] <Gorgon> Eladia, you have broken the law, now pay a fine or go to jail! your move
[17:20:07] <Boston> i am above the law!@
[17:20:09] <Nervesplitter> get out of jail free card
[17:20:31] <Protunia> the whole ohh ohh bait and whine game is old guys is this some kind of back lash because wild is going to be moderated?
[17:20:32] <Thefarmer> Eladia
[17:20:32] <Dreamier> ..somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed today.. & thats ALL i got to say.
[17:20:43] <Protunia> otherwise give it up already
[17:20:49] <Gorgon> Pro, get out
[17:20:51] <Darkoak> is it ok to say bed?
[17:20:52] <Majorgetsome> protunia what
[17:21:01] <Darquies> wild is gona be moderated??? where is this info pls
[17:21:09] <Gorgon> no dont say bed, the b or the e or the d could mean anything bro
[17:21:13] <Murazama> @Protunia I agree and I just got up.
[17:21:23] <Darkoak> d could mean something rude
[17:21:32] <Majorgetsome> watch those os
[17:21:47] <Murazama> And just so you know, KChats were always moderated on Wild, it was just up to the GMs to do anything about it.
[17:21:48] <Darkreaper> i was trolling guys, apparently
[17:21:56] <Boston> power trippin
[17:22:18] <Fenny> Lemon trees are harvestable now?! :o
[17:22:21] <Thefarmer> Cobblestone doesnt look nice anymore, because everyone uses it for everything
[17:22:26] <Azadine> yes Fenny
[17:22:44] <Wildone> I wi found bellodona in real life
[17:22:56] <Thefarmer> why
[17:23:01] <Jopiesaus> is 120 dirts high ?
[17:23:07] <Thefarmer> no
[17:23:29] <Wildone> lol nevermind
[17:23:34] <Jopiesaus> will colossus'es decay on deed ?
[17:23:42] <Thefarmer> but i want to know
[17:23:50] <Thefarmer> why did you find it
[17:24:01] <Thefarmer> say, or i will scream
[17:24:10] <Wildone> google it
[17:24:16] <Godoffal> anyone need any leatherwork today?
[17:24:24] <Thefarmer> google why you found belladona in real life?
[17:24:27] <Dirtywilly> dark you in here, i dont want to say many words because i dont know what im allowed to say and not
[17:24:48] <Darkreaper> yeah i'm here
[17:24:56] <Dirtywilly> its bad out there man, real bad
[17:25:03] <Darkreaper> it's beddin bad
[17:25:03] <Thefarmer> No its not
[17:25:06] <Jopiesaus> what is the widt and length (on ground) of a collosus ?
[17:25:10] <Godoffal> 50ql studded 1s, 60ql 2s 70ql 3s
[17:25:16] <Dirtywilly> so many bad words, so many fallen men
[17:25:25] <Thefarmer> he is leing
[17:27:15] <Boston> *feeds on kchats corpse*
[17:27:28] <Eladia> its going to be quiet here very soon
[17:27:28] <Thefarmer> Shoots Boston
[17:27:38] <Boston> :(
[17:27:42] <Eladia> might wanna advertise any sales on the forums cause noone is going to be able to send you soon
[17:27:44] <Thefarmer> how can you frown if your dead
[17:27:46] <Boston> i was hungry :(
[17:27:54] <Thefarmer> stop talking your dead!
[17:27:54] <Boston> i got shot 9 times!
[17:28:04] <Boston> :P
[17:28:04] <Thefarmer> your boston, not 50 cent
[17:28:12] <Boston> im above the law!
[17:28:31] <Thefarmer> then answer me the secret question
[17:28:43] <Thefarmer> what is the material you use to pave steep walls?
[17:28:48] <Boston> juniper berries
[17:28:57] <Thefarmer> damn it, your right
[17:29:03] <Wildone> fish
[17:29:03] <Thefarmer> ok, you may pass
[17:29:07] <Boston> and theres a juniper berry bush!
[17:29:08] <Fenny> Does foraging go faster with a higher skill?
[17:29:16] <Azadine> yes
[17:29:38] <Wildone> do you find rare stuff to?
[17:29:46] <Wildone> rarer
[17:29:48] <Thefarmer> yes
[17:30:04] <Thefarmer> If you find an iron war vein
[17:30:10] <Eladia> i think it is more of a how much you do it
[17:30:13] <Thefarmer> wait, an iron war mine
[17:30:17] <Boston> iron war!
[17:30:20] <Thefarmer> then your very lucky
[17:30:38] <Eladia> i found every seed item available with a very low forage/bot but i did it on every tile i found
[17:30:43] <Boston> i build my chity war
[17:30:44] <Eladia> til i had what i needed
[17:31:00] <Thefarmer> hey, you cant say chit
[17:31:08] <Thefarmer> its against the rules
[17:31:17] <Greypowervan> yeah don't say chit
[17:31:19] <Boston> chitty chitty bang bang?
[17:31:19] <Thefarmer> nvm, your above the law
[17:31:23] <Boston> im above the law!
[17:31:28] <Boston> *fixes hairline*
[17:31:33] <Thefarmer> lol
[17:31:54] <Eir> in case anyone is confused, wait for it... wait for it....
[17:31:57] <Eir>
[17:31:57] <Aureate> been watching too many steven seagal movies
[17:32:04] <Eir> chat rulse for ya's :D
[17:32:10] <Eir> *rules
[17:32:10] <Boston> looks like fun
[17:32:26] <Boston> i missed that lesson :(
[17:32:28] <Eladia> somehow i think everyone knows them but just cant believe they are to this extent
[17:32:38] <Majorgetsome> where in the chat rules does it say we cant say slab and floorboard
[17:32:59] <Greypowervan> I'll floorboard you.
[17:33:04] <Majorgetsome> nuuuu
[17:33:15] <Eir> This includes workarounds, symbols, links, misspelling, or graphical substitutes.
[17:33:22] <Fenny> SO many lemon trees, no sickle :(
[17:33:24] <Majorgetsome> acronyms
[17:33:25] <Majorgetsome> ?
[17:33:26] <Boston> danmit
[17:33:31] <Darquies> so many fargin iceholes!!! This is FARGIN WAR!!!!!
[17:33:34] <Murazama> That would be a Work around Major.
[17:33:43] <Majorgetsome> ................. u.u
[17:34:06] <Eladia> all i know is chat is about to be very very quiet
[17:34:22] <Boston> then its not chat!
[17:34:26] <Madallion> your a wizard eladia
[17:34:34] <Eladia> i can see into the future too
[17:34:36] <Eladia> rofl
[17:34:39] <Boston> we could butcher its corpse hto
[17:34:41] <Whiterose> or will finally give room for people who enjoy just chating
[17:34:46] <Fenny> What's fileting a fish do?
[17:34:48] <Boston> oh no mispell >.<
[17:34:57] <Majorgetsome> whiterose that what it was before
[17:34:59] <Eladia> you wont have many if any left to chat with is the problem
[17:35:07] <Boston> :(
[17:35:19] <Boston> you take away my fwiends :(
[17:35:26] <Boston> what i do to you!
[17:35:34] <Fenny> Touched him inappropriately
[17:35:39] <Boston> :o
[17:35:39] <Wildone> Are there any iron mines on Black Dog Isle
[17:35:43] <Boston> im not a priest!
[17:35:48] <Murazama> I just say quit being whiney children, and be adults, play the game, and act civil to one another. =/
[17:35:50] <Eladia> might wanna ask in local wildone
[17:35:51] <Boston> i think so wildone
[17:36:04] <Boston> check just past alternates reality there was a public one down a hill
[17:36:07] <Murazama> Anyways I'm done with KChat till everyones not so.....annoying to me.
[17:36:16] <Majorgetsome> bye bye
[17:36:20] <Fenny> Wow i got warned for that...
[17:36:28] <Majorgetsome> rofl
[17:36:30] <Eladia> im sure you did
[17:36:38] <Eladia> and will likely get muted for saying you did
[17:36:47] <Greypowervan> and will likely get banned by nazi gms
[17:37:12] <Fenny> That appears to be some horribly written rules.
[17:37:15] <Boston> i gota put eye of the tiger on, brb
[17:37:18] <Majorgetsome> were all 7 years old
[17:37:20] <Fenny> Because all I ever hear about are how horrible the GMs here are...
[17:37:23] <Majorgetsome> we need protecshun
[17:37:25] <Fenny> And yet nothings done about it?
[17:37:37] <Eladia> i wouldnt say they are all horrible
[17:37:56] <Fenny> I only just joined a few days ago and I constantly hear how the mods/gms are horrible.
[17:38:11] <Fenny> And often referred to as Nazi's as Grey also said.
[17:38:30] <Sklo> stop trolling any satff members
[17:38:33] <Fenny> I believe one of the many "protips" i was given was to avoid GMs and Mods at all costs o.o
[17:38:36] <Eladia> just saying you might wanna hush before you are muted
[17:38:38] <Battlerox> how much are black mushrooms worth?
[17:38:45] <Majorgetsome> lol fenny
[17:38:49] <Majorgetsome> just complain to the oracle
[17:38:50] <Fenny> I'm not trolling's what I was told.
[17:39:00] <Fenny> If everyone always says that the staff are so horrible, why is anyone paying? >.<
[17:39:04] <Eladia> you dont get to repeat that in open channels though
[17:39:10] <Boston> okay playing eye of the tiger now, all good.
[17:39:26] <Fenny> Eladia - This entire conversation was on the open channel.
[17:39:46] <Fenny> It scares me to want to spend money on this though :\
[17:39:47] <Eladia> just saying hun
[17:40:09] <Therdre> anybody near tyger bay i could buy a triangular rig, 2 thick rope and a mooring rope from?
[17:40:19] <Eir> let's change the subject, don't need any more staff bashing or rule complaining, just play the game and drop it.
[17:40:23] <Smejack> Goodnight fre.... Kchat XD
[17:40:23] <Enki> Fenny, we will deal with this "everyone" person you speak of, but drop the subject, do not continue to antagonize chat
[17:41:16] <Fenny> Not trying to sorry, just slowly losing any reason to spend money on this game, although it's a really cool game. But thanks anyway :)
[17:42:07] <Darkmist> *tumbleweed
[17:42:10] <Enki> Everygame has its detractors... we can;t help it if they too are addicted :)
[17:42:24] <Boston> or if you do :P
[17:42:28] <Eladia> somehow i think the addictions may be getting broken
[17:42:42] <Tripletake> not mine
[17:43:06] <Sklo> easy way if you don't like the game don't play it but stop bashing staff
[17:43:06] <Majorgetsome> its like they need to have some quota
[17:43:18] <Majorgetsome> like a cop so they give out worthless useless pointless tickets at the end of the month
[17:43:24] <Fenny> lol
[17:43:24] <Eladia> aye a cop will definately give you more tickets
[17:43:29] <Eladia> dangit i was too slow
[17:43:43] <Fenny> Sklo - Wasn't bashing anyone, it's just what i was warned about is all :P
[17:43:45] <Minimusmaximus> hello freedom
[17:43:52] <Kaedrin> hello hello
[17:43:53] <Lockehalfblood> Whee, 400 hunting arrows and counting.
[17:43:57] <Lockehalfblood> If only I had a use for them.
[17:44:00] <Darkmist> no-one was bashing sklo, we were joking about slabs and gravel
[17:44:16] <Sklo> look above
[17:44:17] <Tripletake> useless arrows = forge fuel?
[17:44:27] <Minimusmaximus> anyone interested in hunting a lava fiend?
[17:45:08] <Thefarmer> i found white-dotted flowers
[17:45:31] <Minimusmaximus> looking for a medic, a few DMG dealers, a tank and a few archers
[17:46:08] <Fenny> What's a good recipe involving nuts?
[17:46:48] <Tripletake> best you can do with nuts is casserole out it in a bowl with a berry or spice etc.
[17:46:53] <Tripletake> out=put*
[17:46:59] <Fenny> This is actually the only game I play where that question didn' receive horrible answers...
[17:47:08] <Wildone> you're not allowed to say nuts
[17:47:09] <Minimusmaximus> yet
[17:47:15] <Fenny> lol
[17:47:38] <Kaedrin> Did you want horrible answers? I could provide those if you want? ;P
[17:47:38] <Fenny> Mnimus - I'll rephrase that, this is actually the only game i play where that didn' receive a horrible answer and the person giving such got banned
[17:47:55] <Fenny> Or something...yea im sick, ima go with that excuse..stupid cold.
[17:48:07] <Fenny> Anyway, so just combine teh nuts with berries?
[17:48:12] <Darkmist> lmao
[17:48:15] <Fenny> ....
[17:48:19] <Minimusmaximus> noo!
[17:48:20] <Fenny> That's a serious question I swear >.<
[17:48:25] <Tripletake> basically yes :)
[17:48:27] <Darkmist> too funny
[17:48:59] <Fenny> Or eat them by themselves! :D
[17:49:13] <Fenny> The measurements in thsi game are kg based right?
[17:49:16] <Fenny> metric...
[17:49:17] <Boston> catapult them at moving boats
[17:49:18] <Fenny> not imperial...
[17:49:19] <Eladia> do not eat them alone that will not help you at all
[17:49:27] <Boston> yes metric
[17:49:36] <Wildone> I don't think they give you nutrition if you just eat them?
[17:49:51] <Eladia> dark can't hear me!!!
[17:49:56] <Eladia> where did he go


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I swear Dark.  I bet you could probly blackmail half the game with the crap you have saved.  Miss you loads.

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I swear Dark.  I bet you could probly blackmail half the game with the crap you have saved.  Miss you loads.


I have a cracking pic of Enki in some skimpy suspenders saved for that.

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There is a fix for the Freedom oppression chat stuff. PvE doesn't have to equal Hello Kitty world. If the servers were structured like this: Chaos > Screw PvP Life but Lets Dabble Islands > Nicey Terraforming Pleasant Lolfest Islands > Hello Wurmy Utopia then everyone would be happy and Rolf could cater for everyone including worried moms lol. ATM you're all bunched together with approx half wanting a perfect utopia and the other half wanting an unopressive PvE Wurm experience (that's the 100% that knew what they were getting in to, isn't it? :P ) leaving everyone unsatisfied with the experience to an extent right? Confusion reigns. There are a few other solutions too without physically restructuring the servers in this way but...


I made a horribly long and serious post about this which firecrap wiped out. It was a real humor thread killer so probably for the best. :)


PS. Absolutely love those quotes DM, makes me want to read through Serenity kchat and post those. Not going to, but someone should do more of that imo. Cheers!

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One I remember from years ago, might even have been Beta.

We were talking about Halloween (that time of year) and I started quoting..."Hubble bubble toil and trouble..." and some one piped up, "I don't like Harry Potter." :)

Needless to say he was swiftly educated about where the quote actually comes from.

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Heh kids these days... granted Shakespeare should be watched, and not read.


I love to read; however, trying to wade through a script is just Ugh.


Also if one ever plays in a Shakespearean play, do the king. They run around the least.

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There's a great modern version of Taming of the Shrew featuring Shirley Henderson (moaning Myrtle) who I inexplicably fancy the pants off lol. My favorite Shakespeare has to be the Animated Sheakspeare series, you should be able to get those online, they were made in various ways but the plastolene ones are the best. Also Titus with Anthony Hopkins and Romeo and Juliet with Dicaprio. Awesome.


Think I agree with you there Klaa, never read any of them due to the heavy going.


I forgot The Merchant of Venice, blinder of a movie.




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The funniest one I remember was the noob who accidentally threw both his weapons at a wildcat and they got stuck in

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Short Term Memory Loss

[01:29:51] <Bones> hey kswords

[01:29:56] <Kswords> hi

[01:30:13] <Bones> when do you want your hatchet back?

[01:30:20] <Kswords> what hatchet?

[01:30:49] <Bones> you let me borrow a hatchet a few days ago

[01:30:59] <Kswords> did I?

[01:31:10] <Bones> yeah

[01:31:13] <Kswords> you sure?

[01:31:17] <Greyhound> hehe

[01:31:23] <Bones> positive

[01:31:37] <Kswords> I don't remember, I have short term memory loss

[01:31:49] <Bones> ahh, its ok

[01:32:05] <Bones> did you want it back?

[01:32:10] <Kswords> what back?

[01:32:20] <Bones> the hatcet

[01:32:23] <Kswords> what hatchet?

[01:32:35] <Envyodb> omg your killing me here

[01:32:37] <Bones> *facepalm*

[01:32:47] <Kswords> lmao sorry

[01:32:50] <Kswords> I'm just messing with you

[01:32:54] <Kswords> keep it lol

[01:33:02] <Bones> alright cool

[01:33:04] <Bones> thanks alot

[01:33:10] <Kswords> was just a random hatchet I took from Tyre

[01:33:21] <Bones> lol

[01:33:27] <Kswords> oh lemme correct that

[01:33:30] <Kswords> looted*




Hadn't spoke to Elwood in like 2 years since I had been on Chaos. This was from a short stay on Exodus.


[04:06:05] <Elwood> impalong is  marked by a big red circle

[04:06:19] <Kswords> that red circle is lava btw

[04:06:48] <Elwood> just  hush it kswords if you cant keep your trolling  away from kchat.

[04:07:15] <Kswords> trolling? maybe you just can't take a little joke

[04:07:33] <Elwood> maybe you should just stop bashing everything i try to do.

[04:07:38] <Elwood> over the course of years i play.

[04:07:43] <Kswords> what?




Stolen merchandise

[22:17:42] <Kswords> Selling HotA Statues! PM Kswords on the forums for info/prices!

[22:18:08] <Etherical> Hw much for a lady of the lake?

[22:18:55] <Etherical> Yes? No? Spam and run?

[22:20:58] <Armagaedon> how did you get hota statues?

[22:21:22] <Kswords> I stole them from JK

[22:22:08] <Nusty> Truth in Advertising

[22:23:46] <Armagaedon> Thought you were JK, I must have gotten the information wrong

[22:24:07] <Kswords> Must have.




Maybe I just have a bad habit of messing with people. This is just one of the things that make my gameplay more enjoyable.

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i don't have many quotes saved as i recently got a new computer but this was one that came to mind when i saw this thread


[03:32:34] <Gotl> good luck the cave is empty

(the cave wasn't empty)


i'll see if i can scrounge up some other logs i may have as well, theres bound to be a few good ones :P

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You or whoever said that need to type 3 truths to people before the wind changes or you'll let the fail demon in to all your convos :P


Bart, did the weaponless guy get owned by the puss then or he conquered the mighty foe and had instant kebabs?


Kswords, those Freedomites are crazy man, you should've experienced the ones Wossoo left in charge of Lom. Or did you play Lom for a while? It's quite far back since Epic opened now but I'm sure you were there :)  Hell hath no fury like a Freedomite given power and pvp. It's a standard qualifyer question when I get to know Epic ppl since then "And how long were you on Freedom before coming?"

I think they had a mental image of how Wild worked and tried to emulate it successfully but replaced the honour, respect and comradery with sadism, epeen and rabies.


I know Wossoo must have a giggle about it as a fellow taf. I swear he's the wickedest of the lot <3

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I don't think Baneblackguard knew what My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic was at the time... not sure if he knows now.

[15:13:59] It is 06:57:31 on day of Sleep in week 4 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1031.

[15:13:59] The settlement of Equestria has just been founded by Mowglie.


[15:14:05] <Berris> grats

[15:14:06] <Popemobile> gz

[15:14:06] <Meeks> think*

[15:14:11] <Kswords> Gratz!

[15:14:12] <Meeks> yay

[15:14:14] <Dorian> Grats!

[15:14:15] <Deathreus> um is it 5 or 4 large nails for a bsb

[15:14:18] <Redi> grats

[15:14:22] <Laslo> grats

[15:14:24] <Deathreus> mowglie gratz

[15:14:27] <Deathreus> can i c ome over?

[15:14:29] <Piperlane> congrats on the new deed

[15:14:31] <Accwin> grat

[15:14:39] <Yamuliss> gratz

[15:14:46] <Baneblackguard> 4

[15:14:56] <Farelle> equestria?seriously?XD

[15:15:09] <Kswords> Inde just got 20% cooler

[15:15:18] <Baneblackguard> ?

[15:15:36] <Baneblackguard> is it headed into winter or something?

[15:15:37] <Boobaby> grats

[15:16:01] <Kswords> lol

[15:16:01] <Redi> yup winter soon`ish

[15:16:21] <Deathreus> i can sell some 50 ql 4.15 kg meals :D

[15:17:00] <Taskmaster> grats Mowglie....where abouts is Equestra?

[15:17:40] <Kswords> I say we make it the new capital

[15:17:44] <Meeks> [18:17:10] You are dead. oh crap

[15:18:13] <Baneblackguard> whats so special about Equestria

[15:18:19] <Meeks> i went afk after targeting a young wild boar

[15:18:29] <Farelle> its the capital of ponies :P

[15:18:47] <Baneblackguard> ok...   have no idea what that means

[15:18:49] <Meeks> not a smart idea

[15:19:01] <Piperlane> lol

[15:19:02] <Kswords> Bane doesn't get around on the internet much...

[15:19:12] <Baneblackguard> i'll go look it up now

[15:19:28] <Kswords> don't forget to watch the show while you're at it

[15:19:29] <Farelle> hehehe

[15:19:52] <Farelle> *you will get assimilated to the herd*

[15:19:56] <Kswords> lol

[15:21:00] <Farelle> you know its true :P

[15:23:23] <Kswords> sure is taking him a long time to look it up

[15:25:09] <Kathleen> He confused Google and youtube....

[15:25:17] <Kathleen> *mixed up

[15:25:21] <Kswords> lol

[15:25:29] <Kswords> either one would work

[15:25:35] <Ferdon> Well, not everyone is cut out to be a Bronie

[15:26:05] <Kathleen> But one of them would result in lots and lots of timeconsuming "research material" :D

[15:26:12] <Kswords> lol

[15:26:17] <Kswords> wouldn't they both?

[15:26:27] <Kathleen> One would link to the other.

[15:26:29] <Farelle> not sure how many hours those episodes are actually

[15:26:46] <Farelle> i hope he doesnt find cupcakes as first XD




This one is long and old...


The preword is that I logged out at Tyre after hunting and logged back in the next day to be locked inside!

I started PMing others asking if they could catapult me out since I think it was Solei who was questioning how I got locked in and wasn't letting me out. Doughboy wasn't too happy.

[14:12:34] <Kswords> going to a picnic on sunday I think

[14:29:27] <Doughboy> so what happened today huh?

[14:29:39] <Katatonia> I became a real man

[14:29:45] <Kswords> Locked in Tyre, complained, got out :P

[14:29:49] <Wossoo> I just came - to - say - Hello! *danec*

[14:30:01] <Doughboy> you had access last night right kswords?

[14:30:20] <Kswords> ya its good now, dont worry about it :P

[14:30:37] <Doughboy> no it's not good

[14:30:48] <Kswords> no its fine

[14:30:50] <Doughboy> why are people threatening to catapult my deed?

[14:30:51] <Katatonia> Always room for imprvement.

[14:30:54] <Katatonia> improvement

[14:30:58] <Doughboy> drama queens needs to quit ok?

[14:31:13] <Doughboy> got a issue talk to me. You all over react way to freakin much

[14:31:53] <Doughboy> If I wanted to lock someone on deed I would lock someone with two or three scale sets you idiots. geez get a freakin clue you pansies

[14:32:24] <Katatonia> JK chat requires more constructive criticism and feedback.

[14:32:46] <Wossoo> uh huh

[14:33:03] <Madt> It was a mixture of confusion and surprise. Anyone who logs off on a deed allied and logs on locked in would panic

[14:33:06] <Kswords> Yeah well when you're not on how am I supposed to talk to you?

[14:33:18] <Doughboy> madt it was a simple mistake

[14:33:24] <Doughboy> you all freak out

[14:33:28] <Brycarnia> ok, then it should have been a simple fix

[14:33:28] <Doughboy> who has the problem?

[14:33:33] <Madt> It was, but to panic is normal

[14:33:33] <Doughboy> sound like you all

[14:33:44] <Katatonia> Calm down, it's already done and over with

[14:33:49] <Doughboy> a simple fix bry?

[14:33:50] <Kswords> aye the catapulting was a joke :P

[14:33:51] <Doughboy> how

[14:33:57] <Brycarnia> let him out

[14:33:59] <Doughboy> I have the writs and deed settings

[14:34:08] <Doughboy> so how are they going to?

[14:34:12] <Brycarnia> even if it meant just allying long enough for him to leave

[14:34:22] <Brycarnia> they DID, so they had a way

[14:34:44] <Doughboy> right but they wanted to know what was going on

[14:34:48] <Doughboy> you all over reacted

[14:35:09] <Doughboy> We're all adults not some pubescent teens who over react eh?

[14:35:17] <Doughboy> or am I dealing with children?

[14:35:21] <Brycarnia> just hang on 5 hours and we'll release you normally doesn't go over well

[14:35:43] <Brycarnia> release him, then send the appropriate pm's to see where the mistake was

[14:36:03] <Doughboy> telling people your going to catapult is a solution?

[14:36:03] <Brycarnia> because clearly there was a mistake or a misunderstanding

[14:36:05] <Doughboy> look bry

[14:36:19] <Doughboy> you need to stay out of my business

[14:36:25] <Deathie> oh snap

[14:36:29] <Doughboy> just like with the cubeman thing I don't value your input

[14:36:32] <Madt> People panic Doughboy, nobody was going to actually catapult

[14:36:32] <Kswords> Oh hell this is everyones business

[14:36:39] <Rhyas> then why you shouting about it all over chat

[14:36:49] <Doughboy> your input is not required. Then send me a pm.

[14:36:54] <Doughboy> guess how many pm's I got

[14:36:56] <Doughboy> 0

[14:36:58] <Doughboy> good job

[14:37:02] <Katatonia> once again, calm down

[14:37:11] <Deathie> i was going to say 3 but you didnt give me a good chance to guess :(

[14:37:13] <Brycarnia> me and pottiss were just talking in pm's politely, when you came on rampaging

[14:37:18] <Doughboy> so where is the lack of communication coming from?

[14:37:20] <Brycarnia> so don't give me the ###### about pm's

[14:37:25] <Doughboy> not me I'll tell you that much

[14:37:48] <Doughboy> bry I don't want your namby pamby I'll be the moderator crap

[14:37:49] <Madt> Dough you weren't online. Did you expect Kswords to wait for you to log on there?

[14:37:54] <Madt> What good would pming you do

[14:37:54] <Doughboy> I thought I was clear on that

[14:38:11] <Doughboy> 0 pm's as always you guys jump the gun

[14:38:15] <Doughboy> you demand nothing

[14:38:15] <Brycarnia> I don't give a crap what you want

[14:38:17] <Doughboy> you ask

[14:38:30] <Doughboy> I don't think demanding will get you far with anything

[14:38:39] <Doughboy> We deman or we're going to catapult?

[14:38:43] <Brycarnia> I WAS PM'ING. You were the one that jumped into kchat

[14:38:45] <Kswords> It sure got me out of Tyre ;P

[14:38:47] <Doughboy> what is wrong with you people?

[14:38:54] <Brycarnia> me and pottiss were handling it

[14:39:11] <Doughboy> I don't care what you were handling bry

[14:39:18] <Doughboy> who are you to handle anything

[14:39:22] <Madt> He was locked in and paniced, he probably thought he was going to be kos'd or something Dough. That is why people 'demanded'.

[14:39:27] <Madt> It was hasty though

[14:39:40] <Madt> and it shouldnt have been done, but it was the heat of the moment

[14:39:45] <Doughboy> next time don't over react

[14:39:54] <Xallo> hey I noticed our alliance with Tyre was broken, what happened?

[14:40:09] <Doughboy> we're going to catapult if you don't let him out? how does that sound to someone who has no clue what the hell you are talking about?

[14:40:16] <Doughboy> Tina

[14:40:22] <Madt> Hard to not over react when you get locked in a deed

[14:40:25] <Doughboy> Tina thought she was on her toons account

[14:40:36] <Xallo> O.o

[14:40:39] <Doughboy> She thought she was managing her deed

[14:41:02] <Doughboy> she was managing tyre thinking why do all these people have access to my deed

[14:41:10] <Doughboy> she what over reacting gets you all?

[14:41:19] <Doughboy> geez, is there a adult around?

[14:41:24] <Doughboy> Can I talk with a adult?

[14:41:35] <Madt> I'm being adult about this.

[14:41:37] <Xallo> I don't even know what's going on, I just logged in...

[14:41:48] <Doughboy> can a adult pm me from kyara? A level head?

[14:42:06] <Brycarnia> I'm the best you got

[14:42:12] <Katatonia> [17:27:37] <Kswords> Locked in Tyre, complained, got out :P

[14:42:15] <Madt> Everyone is being mature and calm. You on the other hand came into JK chat raging

[14:42:19] <Doughboy> I'll wait on Dreammaster

[14:42:20] <Chewius> hell if you got to catapult yourslef out atleast fix the wall:P

[14:42:25] <Brycarnia> you want to pm me like pottiss did, I'll handle it like I did with pottis

[14:42:40] <Doughboy> At least I can talk to Dreammaster without the over reacting

[14:42:48] <Madt> The mature thing to have done would have been PM someone from Kyara on your friends list.

[14:43:19] <Doughboy> We're going to catapult a ally deed to get him out? geez collect some facts first. 0 pm's from anyone guys. I would expect at least one pm from someone to me

[14:43:28] <Doughboy> next time pm me. Want my phone number?

[14:43:30] <Deathie> im sure they would have helped fix it

[14:43:32] <Doughboy> you got it.

[14:44:02] <Xallo> Doughboy you should have just responded to the post about it, JK chat isn't a place to rant about something

[14:44:06] <Madt> You were not online, pming you would have done nothing. Phoning you isnt very practical either.

[14:44:29] <Doughboy> there you got my phone number

[14:44:35] <Doughboy> next time you all give me a call ok?

[14:44:39] <Madt> It'd be as effective as sending someone a letter in RL post to tell them their town is being raided

[14:44:42] <Doughboy> that to hard for you all to do?

[14:44:51] <Wossoo> Doughboy, seriously.

[14:44:55] <Madt> It's not hard but it'll waste my phone bill

[14:44:57] <Xallo> calling someone about a dumb game is stupid

[14:45:00] <Doughboy> Hey Dough ks is trapped... OK let me log in. Wow

[14:45:11] <Rhyas> dough stop overreacting and shut up

[14:45:37] <Doughboy> I would of had a good laugh at you all trying to catapult my deed though

[14:45:46] <Katatonia> take a joke for once

[14:45:48] <Kswords> That was 5 hours ago... its over shut up please

[14:45:54] <Katatonia> ^

[14:46:01] <Chewius> i still remember when i was sortof a noob and someone from tyre over reacted and kos'd me for no reason

[14:46:05] <Doughboy> guys all I'm asking is that you have a cool level head and think hmmmm Tyre has been on wild for what 3 years almost

[14:46:13] <Doughboy> why would I lock ks up?

[14:46:13] <Chewius> well party to blame was having a mayor that told everyone i was a spy

[14:46:19] <Madt> Well

[14:46:22] <Doughboy> use your brain please

[14:46:24] <Madt> there are several reasons

[14:46:28] <Madt> and i shall use my brain

[14:46:30] <Xallo> Madt stop

[14:46:30] <Duce> take it to pm's please

[14:46:34] <Xallo> there's no need to continue

[14:46:36] <Kswords> I asked several times to re-ally with Tyre

[14:46:47] <Xallo> hush

[14:46:51] <Madt> 1. A spy with elder access locked him in to be a ###### and was about to KoS him.

[14:46:55] <Xallo> Madt shut up




Got this one from Kylebooze

He dommed a champ scorp and put it in Mrloonar's(noob) yard.

Champion Scorpion in MrLoonar's Yard!

[13:26:04] <Mrloonar> work to do...

[13:26:22] <Mrloonar> wow

[13:26:28] <Mrloonar> whatsup with those cows on road?

[13:26:31] <Mrloonar> OH .

[13:26:34] <Mrloonar> . KYLE


[13:26:49] <Lancelot> haha

[13:26:50] <Mrloonar> OH .!

[13:26:54] <Aeris> ahahaha

[13:26:58] <Mrloonar> .!

[13:27:06] <Shadowkyle> lmao

[13:27:12] <Mrloonar> OMG I HATE YOU!

[13:27:22] <Mrloonar> OH MY FREAKING GOD

[13:27:28] <Aeris> XD

[13:27:42] <Mrloonar> oh man...

[13:27:48] <Mrloonar> you gotta stop it kyle

[13:27:56] <Shadowkyle> stop what?

[13:28:03] <Mrloonar> who put that thing in here!

[13:28:07] <Shadowkyle> me :P

[13:28:13] <Mrloonar> .!

[13:28:23] <Mrloonar> omg why did you do that?

[13:28:43] <Mrloonar> hmmm

[13:28:45] <Shadowkyle> because you are the only one who'd give that kind of reaction

[13:28:49] <Aeris> Because this reaction was priceless



I think that's all I have.

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CAPSALOT defended from Tyre 3vs15+



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