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In Need Of Dirt Piles - Does Anyone Have Dirt Laying Around They Don't Need?

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Hello fellow wurmians (wurmans? wurmonians?),


On behalf of our city-to-be, me and my pal Pawelski are looking for players who are doing some terraforming, are flattening a road, or are busy doing any action where you have excess dirt, and who are willing to bring it to us.


We are expanding our island in the middle of the lake near the starting point and could use every bit of dirt available. You are very welcome to stop by with a boatload full of dirt (or just to say hi, we love company :D ), and if you cant get to us by boat we can come pick you (and your dirt piles) up with our Mighty Fleet of, you won't believe it, no less than two row boats!  :P


So if you have dirt to spare, or know someone who does, it would be extremely kind of you to get in touch with us and to help us make our island city flourish :)


Thanks in advance for your help and your overall kindness,


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