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(Deli) Lyer Lyer, Studded Leather Pants On Fire

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Note: I'm not on Deliverance any more. Sorry about that. I'll edit this thread and bump it when I decide to get back in business. Happy shopping!


Greetings, Prospective Customer
I am naught but a humble leather goods merchant located on Deliverance, looking to distribute my wares close, far, and yet further abroad. This merchant ad is (not yet) endorsed by Docterchese, PR Extraordinaire.
The Goods
Armour (1x cap, 1x jacket, 1x pants, 2x sleeves, 2x gloves, 2x boots -- even if you don't want the cap you can buy it anyway and give it to a friend, or whatever)
QL ~ Normal ~ Studded
50 ~ 75c       ~ 1s
60 ~ 90c       ~ 1.2s
70 ~ 1.5s      ~ 2s

QL ~ Price
40  ~ 50c
50  ~ 60c
60  ~ 80c

70 ~  1s

QL ~ Price (these use a LOT of leather when imping)
40  ~ 80c
50  ~ 1s
60  ~ 1.2s

70  ~  1.5s



(coming soon)
Containers (all containers will be between 30 and 50 ql)
Type         ~ Price
Backpack ~ 10c (quite a bit more leather needed to make these)
Waterskin ~ 5c
Quiver      ~ 5c


I am also taken to bouts of good/insane mood where I make things for free, and I will often make things up to 30/40ql for free. So be aware of my mental stability - you might benefit from it.

I'll also imp any leatherworking item at a rate of 1c per 1ql.


Prices are not fixed and may be subject to change. I may also accept barters and if you think that I owe you any favours you may attempt to cash them in here.
The Location
I am located at Miya on the Deliverance server. Here's a useful map.
As you can see, Miya is clearly marked in the centre of the picture. I can freely deliver to any location that you can see there, or I can mail items to you (at your expense).
Contact me on Deliverance as 'Infinitai'; contact me on #Captains by that name also; send me a message on this here forum; or indeed reply to this thread to make an order or enquiry.

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I'll vouch for inf, good guy with a passion for leather :)

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See below for bump.

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When describing studded leather to a blind person one might use the word bumps.

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