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Looking For A Job As A Panfiller

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I am looking for a job as a panfiller. I have some practice, about 15k pans filled.

I am interested in job on every (non-PVP) server, i can make new chars only to work, if someone has 10k+ pans to fill.

For now I have chars on Independence and Exodus.

The price depends on amount, and how much ingredients you want me to put in 1 pan.


With 2 ingredients:

1-3k pans costs 1,5s/1k
10k+ costs 1,2s/1k


With 4 ingredients:

1-3k pans costs 2s/1k
10k+ costs 1,5s/1k


I can fill up to 3k pans in one day, 1k takes about 30mins to fill and 30mins to empty after cooking.

I need at least 500-1k pans, I don't want to fill 100 and wait for you to cook them.
I need a cart with 10 backpacks near the forge, where you will prepare meat fillets for me, and after cooking i will put meals there.
I prefer one kind of meat, for faster filling.
Of course food storage bin with veggies should stay near the forge also.

I think thats all, if u have any questions just leave me a prv message.

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Looking for 2k pans filled asap on deliverance. You can PM Webbler or Frolic. =)

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