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Missing "season"

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Note: This has nothing to do with sickles, or the issue with having to bind the "harvest" action



I have noticed for a few grape seasons in a row a problem: a missing "second" season. To make it simple here is the difference:


How grape season(s) used to be:

-Season listed as 1-4 Raven

-however it was effectively two seasons.  Those being: 1-2 Raven, and 3-4 Raven

What I've noticed is now different:

- No "second season" harvest available weeks 3-4 Raven. (for a few seasons in a row now)



Also please note well that this past season due to the server reset in week 3 Raven it was possible to get a second harvest.  This second harvest was not the result of the "second" grape season.  I purposely paid very close attention this season round because of the missing season in the past.  There were no new grapes week 3 of Raven prior to the server reset.


This was an issue before 1.1 was released.  I am pretty sure it changed somewhere 1.0 to 1.1.  (I wasn't really up on my grape collecting for awhile before 1.0 so I can't say for certain it couldn't have become a problem then.)



Can we *please* get the "second" grape season fixed? I can't see how the old way of having two grape harvests could have been the glitch- given the long history of it's existence.  Also, seasons for other harvests are 1-2 weeks long (  So it always made sense that grape season was actually two 2-week seasons one after another, even though it has always officially been listed "1-4 Raven"


This likely also impacts apple season- as it is identical to grape season.  I did not get the chance to check the apples though.



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