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Farming 1.1 Documentation

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One of the most commonly seen questions after 1.1 is: "What happened to farming?!"  This is an attempt to answer that question and gather further information regarding farming and harvesting crops planted AFTER 1.1 came out.
Please feel free to post responses with further info here, so we can compile it all in one place. To keep the thread clean, please post any complaints and/or suggestions regarding farming in this thread.

With patch 1.1, farming now takes many more factors into account. As posted here, some of the factors that now affect your yield include:
  •  Quality of seeds sown initially
  •  Quality of rake used to tend fields
  •  Rarity of all materials involved
  •  Number of times the field has been tended
  •  Farming skill

Given all of these factors, you now have a chance to harvest a much larger yield than you could previously - but you also have a chance to harvest less, depending on all of the above. 
Basically, the new system gives more incentive and reward to those actively working to maintain their fields, while those who are only sowing and harvesting will obtain much less yield than previously. While we don't have much hard data yet regarding these changes, you will always get at least one crop back when harvesting. From the above post regarding the changes, a player "with only 1 Farming skill can potentially achieve a yield of up to 4 crops." This means that with proper care, a new player could potentially receive twice the number of crops back that he could harvest before!

Note that any fields planted PRIOR to 1.1 will likely have very low harvests, as the server had no way to track all of the above prior to the change. Please wait to post data regarding your harvests until you have completed a full cycle of sowing, tending, and harvesting crops.
Again, please keep complaints and suggestions to the other thread. Thanks!
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Ah, shoot,  I forgot about Tritus's post. Well, I'll let my post stand, as it's a good summary of the basic information we have now for those who weren't aware that farming changed (prior to their harvests being "broken"). I have no intent to write an in-depth guide or anything; just want something to explain to folks just what changed a bit better.

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