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Wts 1K Bricks & Mortar (Sold)

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Good day Wurmians!


          I am currently selling 1k of brick and mortar. Now I will be honest, this is my first bulk sale attempt so I may be a little off with my pricing if I am please correct me. My goods are available for pick up on the indy server at Cedar Hill ( 17x-14y) you can pull your ship right up to shore and load up.

If you would prefer delivery I am afraid I can only deliver on independence server and only by sea to the coast ( extra cost for delivery depending on distance 50 c- 1.5S)

The Goods:

1k Bricks- 2s

1k Mortar-3s



Indy server 17x-14y ( Cedar Hill )


Thank you for looking and have a fine day

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Worry not, your prices look about right. Good luck.

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