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Elwynn Forest Recruiting

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Hello! Some of you may know me from Sunrise Bay. I have dedicated my time on wurm to teaching new players the game, and promoting a larger sense of community.

I am recruiting for my current settlement Elwynn Forest, and am looking for players, new and old, to join me in having a good time.


My primary goal in this village is to promote a fun and active community on celebration. I want to help new players learn the game, and give older players a place where they can spend time with others while playing.


We are a 25x32 sized settlement with room for expansion.

Just a 3-5 minute walk from Amish Paradise Market & Port

All the necessities a new player will need, including a large pine forest, An on-deed mine with Iron & lead, food & water, farms, animal space, and of course their own personal space.

Looking for possibly 3-5 players at the moment.


Full album here


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nice little kingdom with room for others =)


edit: respect the dualwield.

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That sounds nice. I would be interested in checking that out, but I keep getting killed. If there were a way to get there successfully, then I would come. My name IG is Lysander.

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