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Deliverance - The Whispering Wood, Shipyard, 5-Trait Horses, Jewelery And Enchanted Blacksmith

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Sailing boat 2s

Knarr 20s

Caravel 30s

I will not make Cogs or Corbitas - they are not worth the effort anymore as prices are so low.

Imped to 55ql, any wood you like, made to order. Pickup only.


The Whispering Wood's cave shipyard.

5 Trait horses

50c each. Have many in black. Discounts for venerables when available.


Blacksmithing items

60ql for 40c each. I will not do large anvils it's too boring.

Vynora enchants up to 50 power for 1c per point. Can often get higher enchants, just not reliably enough to advertise.


Jewellery items

Up to 50ql, gold or silver:

Altar message me to discuss

Candelabra 60c

Other stuff 50c


Mailbox ready

Can CoD those things which are CoD-able.

[14:42:56] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [94]

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