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Tamed Horse Will Not Listen To "go Here" Command If Wearing A Saddle.

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I was told about this by another player yesterday and decided to test it myself. As the title says, if you have a saddle equipped to a tamed horse, it completely ignores the "go here" command. I assume this is due to the recent chance where horses equipped with saddles do not move. I would think that having it tamed should override that feature however as this can be a decent inconvenience if you find yourself in a bad situation, such as falling off a cliff and unable to reach your tamed horse. I tested this by taming a horse with full tack and saddle and removed the saddle. It listened to 3 consecutive "go here" commands without hesitation. Put a saddle on it and it stands like a statue, no matter how many times you issue the command. Easy enough to reproduce.


Might be a pointless screenshot, I took it just to show in the event that I had equipped the saddle and issued a command, and there it stands.

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