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Merfin's Shop Of Leatherwares

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Welcome, customers, to Merfin's Shop of fine leatherwares!

I'm proudly and officially opening my little leatherwares shop. The selection of wares is still a bit limited, but will improve soon, I promise. I also guarantee you friendly service, and am willing to negotiate prices if you're placing a larger order and prove to be a pleasant customer ;)

All prices are without CoD, within Independence I'm willing to deliver any order above 2s for a low, negotiable fee, depending on distance.

A discount if you come to Edoras and collect your wares yourself is, as always, negotiable.


Improving fees are 1c per ql up to ql60, 2c per ql up to ql70, (2.5c per cl up tp 80)*.

I'm looking forward to hear from you, be it here in the forum topic, via Forum PM, or in the ingame chat.

*ql80 is not available just yet, but can be pre-ordered and should be available within a month.

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