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Let The Action Timer Generate Bit Coins To Offset Dev Costs

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Bitcoin mining becomes increasingly more difficult, requiring increasingly hardware complexity to mine at the same rate as before, it is the very nature of the network that restricts the supply of coin. There are companies creating custom chip arrays that are way more sophisticated than a GPU, that are optimized hardwired specifically for the bitcoin algorithm. Which means that for a given CPU/GPU you will make less and less coin as time goes on.

And the program canceled was not bitcoin, that was some paycard thing I think. Coinlab is the Wurm customized bitcoin client and is still ongoing. Why would Rolf cancel it because he makes bitcoin commissions by you using your GPU and pays you in silver which cost him nothing to make. From his point of view it is free income that requires no expense to generate, since it is CoinLab that is required to support it. Which is why if you want a throttling multitasking client you need to take that up with the mining client.

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