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Wts Pelts And Other Items (Independence)

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Been saving up too many pelts, time to sell.

All Pelts have no damage.

Mountain Lion Pelts:

10c- 68.76

11c- 69.08

11c 50i- 69.67

11c 60i- 69.97

18c- 74.02

18c- 74.43

35c- 82.11

50c- 90.43

60c- 66.01 Coc 25

75c- 67.47 Coc 43

90c- 85.23 Coc 16

Wild Cat Pelts:

35c 10i- 82.52

60c- 97.48

1s- 86.31 Coc 39

Dog Pelts:

9c- 68.07

17c- 73.69

17c 50i- 79.59

35c- 82.52

90c- 84.53 Coc 23

Pendulums: Pm me an offer

32.26 Litd 30

43.22 Litw 63

Chain Amour:

3s- 60ql Full suit

Can Be mailed COD, Located on The Independance Server, Approx: 55x 20y

Pm me with other offers on these items, i may think about it. Pick up/delivery can be arranged.

Prices May be too high/low, not sure, just guessed.

Will add more items soon.

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