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Village Of Hope (Deliverance)

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Howdy, my name is Randell im looking for people interested in joining my village - it's a nice spot on the deliverance, at 36x 41y - you can find it on the map by looking for new port side im just infront.

The deed size is 51 x 21 so it's a nice space it does have lots of iron for smithing and plenty of room for animals and farming. It's right next to the water so it's a great place for the aspiring boat builder.

you dont need to be a advanced player to be a villager though having skill and some knowledge is helpful .

i just ask that you plan on playing the game for awhile and log on every few days at least to do a few things around the village and up your skills.

The village is still quite uncompleted meaning there is a lot for you todo and you can also get a lot of skill ups from helping around the place with things like building buildings , making storage containers - farming, cutting down trees, and pretty much anything and everything.

Here are some screen shots of the village






There is a lot more to the village than these pics stuff like the mine and another few farming fields and the forest's on either side of the deed.

Village of Hope is a really safe place for the new player we dont see much bad mobs around due to have a guard tower up the top and a guard tower down the bottom plus a templar running around as well so if you want a fight you just have to take a short walk to the massive steeps just behind the deed where you can fight a number of low and higher lvl creatures.

Come check it out if you want to help shape a village in it's early stages yet dont want to take on the responsibility of running your own deed then the village of hope is for you.

P.s i dont get on the forum often but im in game on deliverance server almost everyday so just do a /tell Randell or /tell Aussie and i'll be glade to have a chat.


I closed this deed and moved right around the corner from Green Dog if your interested in the new deed and joining my new village just message me...

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Hey i would love to join this village just outside of port side i am a new player and am looking for a village to join

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