Leveling Edges  

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  1. 1. Should you be able to Level edges?

    • Yes
    • No

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How about adding Level to the tile edges as well so we can level one corner at a time?

It would be a pretty good workaround to rock stopping all leveling. There would be no flat tile requirement, so all it would do is take the corner of the tile you're standing on and level the other corner alongside the edge you're leveling by either digging dirt into your inventory, or using dirt from your inventory to raise it.

It would be nice in my opinion. :)

Copied from my post here: http://forum.wurmonl...100#entry765431 - The thread was getting too messy.

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You guys are getting spoiled, we JUST got some awesome improvement to the digging set of tools, wich are still controvertial. At lest lets wait untill the dust has settled from the pro/con level skirmishes.

(I would still vote a giant +1 to this addition)

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