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The deed Vulcan Outpost located on the south east coast of Deliverance (32x 46y on (Low Res).png) is for sale. Its size is 51x29 and surrounded on all 4 sides by Palisades. The deed was planted a few weeks after Deliverance was opened. The deed is surrounded by a small desert and right at the end of the huge steppe, so its a great place for hunting.

The mine has plenty of iron veins and a few silver veins, but its not expanded very much and I know there are many uncovered silver veins in the western part of the deed ("Prospected" with a priest of Magranon and the Mole Senses spell). There are also 10 forges for fast smelting of ores inside the mine.

The deed also has a trader and a large magic chest. The chest has 6 damage due to 1 months inactivity, but if you make sure to open it occasionally it will last forever. It was bought 9 months ago.

There are a 110 tiles farm, a 70 tiles enchanted animal pen, and a rather large area currently unused next to the 30 tile large BSB storage house.

There are 5 buildings. 1 is the 10x3 storage building, 1 farm building with 3 forges, 1 6x6 house originally made to be an inn, a 5x2 smithing house (5 forges, 7 coffins and 5 bsb's) and a 5x5 house with the trader, large magic chest, and 3 beds.

Feel free to ask questions.

Starting bid: 50s

minimum bid increment: 1s

Hidden reserve: Yes

Buyout: 1 gold 50s

No private bids accepted except buy out.

The auction ends March 13, 20:00 GMT (1 week from posting).












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this place is just amazing.

Those palisades make it look like a kingdom.

It's so clean and well organized, it has all it needs.

To add, the greatest steppe in north for easy hunting ^^

Goodluck, low starting price. (because trader+large magic chest)

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Private buy-out, hold on for final confirmation.

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