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Jacob's Ladder Is Seeking New Villagers

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I am seeking a few good people to join me and one other villager (Fes) at Jacob's Ladder, located at 11x 8y on http://impgal.site90...elebtpikols.jpg

The village is located on the coast, with a mountain on one side of us and the ocean on the other. We have a great harbor area, and are just minutes away from the Exodus border. We are a proud member of the Northmere Alliance, and are currently the only member village on the western half of the map. We are most active during evenings in CST, and are typically on every night, at least for a short time. I would prefer that you be near our timezone, as there is little benefit to being in a village with someone you never see. I would also prefer you are mature (if not older), as both Fes and I are around 30. I am happy to take people new or experienced, F2P or premium, as long as you plan on sticking with us for a decent amount of time. Ive been burned several times in the past by people who join and get set up, then quit the game.

What we offer-

First and foremost, we offer friendship. Fes and I met on Wurm a while back, and have been building villages together ever since. I figure that if I can find another person or two who we can hang out

with, the game will be even more awesome.

Guidance: if you are a newer player, we can help you overcome the steep learning curve that Wurm has and answer the questions you will have.

Great Location, Great Harbor: Since we straddle the border of Celebration and Exodus, we have two servers for the potential merchand to peddle his/her wares on. The harbor is set up to

accomodate 10 large ships and numerous smaller ones, and even has a special pier to make it easier to load livestock on the larger ships. A merchant area is on the agenda. Would make a

great spot for an aspiring ship builder.

A home: I can provide a ready-made house if you are looking to move in immediately. If you prefer to do things yourself, I have lots of undeveloped land.

Resources: We have most of the resources near us, and can obtain those that we dont. This would be an especially good spot for anyone interested in carpentry, jewelrysmithing,

farming, or animal breeding. We also have all three priest altars nearby.

Large Stables: Whether you need a horse to ride while hunting, pull a cart, or raise AH skill we've got you covered.

Projects: While participation is not required, we usually have a few crazy ideas we are working on, and always welcome extra help! The more you pitch in the more the area will

feel like a home to you.

What we expect-

Be around: I dont expect you to play every day, but if I dont see you in over a week I will begin to wonder if you really want to be here.

Be mature: Fes and I are both pretty easygoing, but if you insist on making fart jokes 20 times an hour, this is not the place for you.

Be respectful of people and property: I have put alot of time and money into building here, and am on good terms with all of my neighbors.

If you would jepordize any of that, this is not the place for you.

Contribute: Neither Fes nor I will make any demands that you do any particular chore or help on a project. We hope that as you settle in, you will offer to help us out and become a

contributing member of our village. If you plan on using the resources we have worked so hard to obtain to line your own pockets and ignore the village, this is not the place for you.

If you are interested in joining, post here or PM me on the forum, or contact JacobSilver in-game.

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