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Pinta Dragon

Fo And Carp Services On Celebration

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Fo Services for Sale

Mailbox Enchants: 30+ power: 1s, 50+ power: 2s, 70+ power: 3s (cost includes travel)

You pay for the minimum cast you want on the mailbox and I keep casting until that happens. There is no extra charge if it casts higher.

Enchanted Grass: 20c for travel then 1s per tile.

It takes 18 hours for the cast to recharge, so I will need to camp out if you need more than one tile.

Wild Growth: 20c for travel then 10c per cast

Note: It takes many casts to raise a tree to fully overgrown. Each cast raises the tree one level. There are maybe 5 levels between each growth stage, but sometimes a tree will randomly grow a level before the next cast.

Genesis: 20c for travel, then 50c per cast, (1 cast available every half hour)

Genesis rids a horse of 1 random, negative trait.

Negative traits include:

(From Wurmpedia)

"It has malformed hindlegs." (Minor speed penalty)

"The legs are of different length." (Major speed penalty)

"It seems overly aggressive." (Goes into frenzy when attacked)

"It looks very unmotivated." (Seldom uses speed boosts?)

"It is unusually strong willed." (Will drop lead or unhitch from a cart at random)

"It has some illness." (Usually unridable. Penalty to body strength)*

"It looks constantly hungry." (is twice as fast hungry again)

"It looks feeble and unhealthy." (Prone to disease)

The following traits are generally considered undesirable or useless, but will not be removed with genesis:

(From Wurmpedia)

"It has keen senses." (Increased agro range or possibly harder to tame?)

"It has a certain spark in its eyes." (Affects breeding?)

Fine Carpentry Services

I will construct unmovable fine carpentry items on your deed for you. The price includes improving these items to 20ql. For any higher qualities see prices for improving. Prices are as follows:

20c traveling fee plus:

If you supply the materials

  • 8c per item

If I bring the materials:

(your choice of wood for the finished item)

  • Large barrel 10c
  • Large chest 12c
  • Weapons rack 10c
  • Armour stand 12c
  • Floor loom 12c
  • Small cart 10c
  • Large cart 15c
  • Bed 25c
  • Spirit house 25c
  • Spirit mansion 35c
  • Wooden altar 35c

Improving Prices:

Fine Carpentry Items:

  • 50ql: 50c
  • 60ql: 1s
  • 70ql: 2s

Regular Carpentry Items:

  • 50ql: 30c
  • 60ql: 70c
  • 70ql 1s

If you are not sure whether your item is fine, regular, or other, check these lists:



Please leave a reply here, send a PM on the forums, or PM Dovvydragon or Pintadragon in game.

Thanks for reading!

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