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Hillbilly Deeds Looking For Villagers. [Celebration]

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Hillbilly deeds consists of 2 deeds run by me, Guruen.

Located X28Y44 on this map; http://impgal.site90...elebtpikols.jpg

The main deed, where I live on, is Hillbilly Hermitage.

The second deed is located just south of my main deed, perimeter touching.

See pictures at the end of this post

Currently there is 1 spots open for a villager on this deed.

What i'm looking for is someone mature that wants a place to live and is capable of being independent.

Wether you're just starting out in the game or have been playing for a while doesn't matter, as long as you're active and plan on playing this on a regular basis (don't need daily, but at least a few times each week).

What I can offer in return is:

  • 2x2 tile house, with a personal 6-9 tile yard.
  • Relative safe place to live. There is alot of wild life, so good for hunting. A guardtower is present on deed, in case things gets a bit to dangerous. =)
  • Loads and loads of trees to cut down (and replant ofc! Sickle will be provided).
  • All the iron you'd ever need. Also some lead available should it be needed.
  • Several tar spots close to deed, clay is about 5-10 min travel from deed (at Amish Paradise).
  • Any tools you'd need and not able to craft yourself.
  • 1-2 free horse for travelling purpose.
  • Bed, forge, oven and access to meals.
  • Great Alliance with alot of helpful people spread across the server.

Due to the limited space on this deed, it is not suited to handle farmers and breeders. It is however ideal for hunters, smiths, carpenters etc.

Also if you're just looking for a temp. place to hang your hat untill you find your own spot, you're welcome.

If you end up living here I do expect you to be active, and if you're going to be offline for longer periods of time give me a fair warning (either forum PM or catch me ingame).

People offline for more than 2 weeks without notice will be evicted. This is to avoid having 'empty' houses occupied.

Any questions etc can be posted as a reply to this post, via PM in forum or you can try and catch me ingame, name is same as here, Guruen.

Hillbilly Hermitage, the main deed


Hillbilly Pass, with tunnel entrance to Hillbilly Hermitage


Cottage no 1 - no villagers yet - 2x2 with 9 tile yard


Cottage no 2 - Moridrid - & Cottage no 3 - Scootlez/Coolvolsfan - both 2x2 with 6 tile yard


Hillbilly Hostel - Inn on deed


Overview of Hillbilly Pass


After 24-36 hours of hunting with guards on deed, so the area around here are great for hunting. (better be carefull if you're travelling here with low FS ;) )


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I can highly recommend living here! Guruen has been very helpful getting me started and the two Hillbilly deeds are very well planned and look great!

From the Amish Paradise market it is very easy to get here. There is a highway and lots of guard towers, so you should be able to get rid of the many spiders, goblins and cave bugs on the way over :) The area is excellent for hunting with access to the steppe to the west. I'd particularly be interested in organising hunting parties in the future.

Two cottages left, so drop by before they are gone :)

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